Best Self Monitoring Security Systems 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Canary 2. Canary PRO  3.  YI 1080P
Canary All-in-One WiFi Wireless Home Security Camera Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit Home Security System YI 1080p Indoor 2.4G IP Security Surveillance System

Home security systems offer peace of mind, even if you are home by yourself, or if it is just your pet. The worth of that tranquillity can be priceless. Nevertheless, up till this moment, you were compelled to purchase the equipment every month for expert monitoring. With the increase of home mechanization tools, it is time to bring about tracking in your own house. In this piece of writing, we have picked some of the best self monitoring security system. You will find a detailed review of each of the products.

Self-monitored or unmonitored camera security systems let you keep a tab on your home using a tablet or a smartphone. You even receive prompt text alerts at the time of system violation. So, step into this new age of home security. We will go through some of the popular self-monitoring systems in our article.


In case you don’t want to make a monthly payment for a 24*7 professional monitoring, this guide will help you make the right decision. Now, you can do all the self-monitoring by yourself with the help of a user-friendly app. Thus, in this write-up, we are bringing some of the best self monitored home security systems available in the market that will let you monitor yourself. We will judge them depending on their modules, their installation processes, the customer support offered, subscription options provided, and also the application itself.

The best self monitored home security system offers numerous security advantages without any overhead costs. These systems are accessible via a tablet or a smartphone, but they still provide staggering access to your home.

Most landholders want to make sure their home is safe and secure, but doing so might seem like a huge cost. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Do not worry about your peace of mind as there are heaps of solutions that already exist. Some ways will help keep your cost lower while offering you a good plane of information and a close look at the safety of your home.

Self-monitored systems function by providing you with a connection of things taking place at your home. At the same time, some of these unmonitored systems are getting monitored. For the most part, these systems let you log into connected devices or cameras at your home, from an internet connection or an application. These systems enable you to take necessary action to keep your home safe.

Benefits Of Self-monitoring Security System

Self-monitored security systems are the type of security systems that are being supervised or monitored by you. There are many benefits of these security systems.

  • These cameras will drop a notification to set off the door sensors, sirens as well as motion sensors.
  • You can connect self-monitoring systems with smartphones to keep an eye on visitors distantly from your phone.
  • The camera system can document video evidence of impostors.
  • The feature of “mobile phone alert” notifies you instantly when the system has been set in motion.
  • These systems are quite simple to relocate to a new place or a different room since you can uninstall and install the systems by yourself.
  • Once you have made the purchase, the rest of the process is accessible on the pocket as you are screening yourself.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Self Monitoring Security System

The self-monitored security system is the latest technology available in the market. There are a plethora of new companies providing self-monitored security systems via smart home markets. With all these choices, choosing one seems like a difficult task.

On the whole, one should look for a system that can correspond to multiple people in numerous ways while letting you manage it and offering protection beyond theft at the same time.

Before getting your hands on the best self monitoring security system, there are certain things you need to look for:

1. Visual Verification

It can be a lot of trouble if the security system only notifies you of any serious event. Not getting to see what’s happening can be a nightmare. Thus, getting a visual of what is going around is equally important.

2. Protection Beyond Theft

The system you will purchase should have the ability to tag on rules with the cause-and-effect relationships between various devices. It should protect you from everything – and not just burglary. Suppose, if carbon monoxide is discovered, then you must have the option to turn off your heating system. Again, you can set up a system in which case when the front door is opened; the security system should be programmed to start recording. This system is likely to protect your house from fire, flooding, or even hastily changing temperatures.

3. Control

Besides communication, managing the alarm all by yourself is equally important. You must look for the following things while purchasing:

  • Full control over modes like sleep, vacation, away and home
  • Total control over technique customization
  • The facility for disarming and arming a system distantly

4. Communication

If you are planning to self-monitor your alarm, you will be only accountable for retorting to any emergencies. From the communication standpoint, a self-monitored security system should:

  • Alter assigned contacts like family members or friends.
  • Call you if your arrangement is violated.
  • Send text or push notifications.

Top 10 Best Self Monitoring Security Systems 2020

1. Canary: All-in-One WiFi Wireless Home Security Camera

Canary Best Self Monitoring Security System

Being one of the best self monitoring security systems, it offers total intelligence and home security with a 90-decibel siren, 1080p HD camera along with an in-built climate monitor. You also get to pay less when you pair it up with a Premium Service for 30 days of video storage, two-way talk, and desktop streaming.


  • Camera: It has a powerful HD camera along with night vision. The HD camera gives you clear images in day and night time. It records extraordinarily crisp 1080p HD videos with a wide-angle lens and automatic night vision along with the audio. The viewing radius makes sure that your basement, kitchen, nursery, or living room is fully visible with clarity.
  • Sensors: It also features air, humidity, and temperature monitoring. Its Home-Health Technology pulls information out of thin air. This device monitors humidity, temperature as well as air quality to assist you in understanding how your domicile might affect your health.
  • Alarm: The security system possesses real in-built security with a 90-decibel siren.
  • Easy installation: Setting the device up is like cutting a piece of cake, as it takes a few seconds. You do not have to install this device. All you have to do is set it up on a table or a shelf, connect it to your internet connection and voila, you’re done! Your system is all ready to go.
  • Total Control: Owning this gives you real security in your hand. You can protect your home from burglary just in seconds, and all of it is available at the tip of your finger. You can use their application to trigger the in-built 90-decibel siren, or you can connect it directly to your regional emergency services for instant response. With their system, you are totally in control.
  • Smart Device: Canary is always adapting and learning, getting brighter by the minute. It tweaks to your inclination, learns if you are around, and auto-arming in case you are not. Thus, we can say it understands the difference between unusual and ordinary activity going around your home.
  • Hence, smart is beautiful.
  • Premium Service: With its premium service, you can use two-way Canary talk to have real-time conversations with anybody at home.
  • Notification: Its intelligence alert lets you detect the person visible. All of their cameras include AI-powered Person Detection for absolutely free of cost, so you obtain smarter alerts without fake alarms. So be aware of whether you have a friend or a foe showing up at your door instantly.
  • Connectivity: If we talk about connectivity, the system works entirely on Ethernet or WiFi. It doesn’t depend on wiring or extra hubs. Thus, you don’t have to deal with any hassles, tangles, or clutter. Connect it to the WiFi or plugin with the Ethernet, and your system is good to go.


  • It is effortless to install.
  • Instantly alerts if it senses a visitor via its live alerting system and motion detector.
  • The device is not hardwired, thus easy to relocate if needed.
  • It offers emergency calling features and an audible alarm system.
  • The device itself is quite stable and robust.


  • The customer service is quite poor.
  • Home mode malfunction.
  • After recent updates, it fails to show any of the actual videos.

2. Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit Home Security System

Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit Home Security System

This device is the ideal starter kit for small homes, apartments, or condos up to 1000 sq.ft. It adds motion detection to one room and protects one door or window. It also comes with a range extender, one motion detector, one contact sensor, keypad, and a base station. Therefore, it claims to be the best self-monitored home security in the market.

The professional monitoring service along with Ring Alarm is available and is shipped only within the territory of the United States (excluding the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and American Samoa) and Canada (excluding Quebec).


  • Total Control: You can completely control the device with the help of the Ring App. You will receive a notification when someone enters the room or tries to crack open a window or even tries to set off the siren. You also get to change your alarm modes by a simple tap and manage all your Ring devices from a secure dashboard.
  • Specially Designed: This system is specially designed to fit into your life. When disarmed, all the sensors in your house are disengaged. You can quickly come and go without even thinking about setting off the alarm. When set to home mode, all perimeter and exterior sensors are triggered.
  • Now you check on your kids or feel extra secure and get comfy right before hitting the bed. When you are away, all the sensors in your house are set in motion. You will be the first one to know when anything happens while you are not home.
  • Easy Installation: The security system is another level. All you have to do is put your Ring Alarm on and linked to your devices. If the WiFi or the power goes down, you will, in spite of everything, be secured with battery backup for up to 24 hours and elective cellular backup. You get a range extender, keypad, motion detector, contact sensor, and base station to take care of it.


  • You can do a lot with the help of your Ring Alarm. The Ring Base Station allows you to team up with Alexa enabled devices and Ring Alarm Components via the Ring App.
  • It functions with your Ring System as well as your Ring Security Cameras and Ring Video Doorbells. This system will allow you to be aware of everything that is going around in your house all the time.
  • It functions with Alexa so that you can manage your system with just your voice. Say something like “Alexa, arm Ring” when you are about to head out.
  • It functions with third-party additions like Z-wave devices and smart locks for even more safety. Pair them together to manage your complete system via the Ring App.
  • You can set this thing up all by yourself. Everything that you will need is provided in the box. Plug it in and start defending your house faster than conventional alarm systems. You won’t need any tools for that.


  • Basic functionality is missing.
  • Lack of accuracy in the information provided by customer service.
  • The contact sensors are enormous.
  • There is no distinct siren.
  • There is not real incorporation with the Ring doorbell.

3. YI 1080p Indoor 2.4G IP Security Surveillance System

YI 1080p Indoor 2.4G IP Security Surveillance System

It has an unbelievable image quality, along with cutting edge design that makes YI 1080p camera one of a kind, making it one of the best self-monitored security systems.


  • Safety: It is an extremely safe cloud service that will keep all your videos safe and will let you watch them directly in the cloud. It will also allow you to enjoy high-end protection with an understandable interface. All of your videos are encrypted even before you upload it to the cloud, and this will eventually prevent essential data from getting lost. The key for encryption is updated routinely for the sake of the top level of data protection.
  • Video Quality: The 1080p full HD resolution gives you vibrant and crisp images. The 1080p high definition will show every little detail and is offered with superior digital noise reduction.
  • Night Vision: Its enhanced night vision feature provides you clearness even in the bleak. With the help of an even more powerful IR algorithm, you will have to no longer sacrifice any excellent points due to gloomy environments.
  • Sensors: Its sound detection, and smart motion becomes your very own around the clock security guard. It can detect the sound accurately with the help of a developed motion detection algorithm. It has modifiable timeframes for the Activity Alert notifications. So the notifications are robotically sent to the application.


  • Cloud storage saves you from losing videos from a micro memory card.
  • The YI Home app links your camera with their mobile application anywhere and anytime.
  • Its Activity alert has motion detection and baby crying detection features by using state of the art technology and alert you through your phone.
  • Developed night vision includes eight distinct 940Nm infrared LEDs that robotically turn on IR (infrared) in dim conditions letting you see clearly in the dark.
  • It can record everything in full 1080p HD video quality. It can record 24*7 in 15fps with 112 wide-angle lenses, and zero aperture with a sheer picture. It has two-way audio to receive and pass on audio from any spot with a good WiFi connection.


  • The camera does not work unless you allow YI to access all of your private information. It also needs an internet connection. Then, you can download your video feeds even when you are not using the cloud service.
  • The privacy policy of the company is doubtful.
  • The PC software is weak.

4. SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Self Monitoring System

SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Self Monitoring System

There are many exciting features in this security system that comes at an affordable price.


  • Easy Installation: Setting up this system is trouble-free. Their managed server solution ensures no annoyance for you. You have to plug in the wireless security camera into the wall power. After one login, you get wireless access at home, as well as when you are out and about, to all your
  • SereneLife home security cameras. You can check from an Android or iOS phone as well as a MAC desktop without doing further set up.
  • Huge Space: You can add up to a 64 GB micro SD card and record videos. You get to choose among scheduled recording, motion detection trigger, and 24-hour mode to activate tailing at certain times of the week or the day. The SD auto overwrite stores your video up to date even when the memory is full. By adding the “cloud box” to your system, you get to document up to 180 days.
  • Audio: Its two-way audio feature allows you to listen in and observe the camera’s surroundings and converse with anybody at home. Its speaker levels and microphone are separately adjustable so that you get some sensible volume through the speaker and fix echo or feedback.
  • Night Vision: It uses IR LEDs for night vision, which lets you view as well as record live video in an absolute dark situation.
  • Video Quality: You get crystal clear HD picture. The 720p configurable picture adjustment makes sure that you get a crisp and sharp image night or day. It also lets you fix your networks according to the availability of the internet for even better performance. You also regulate the wireless camera digital zoom and PTZ pan tilt.


  • You get crystal clear HD 720p configurable picture.
  • IR LEDs night vision helps you see the videos in the dark.
  • The two-way audio is an absolute best friend for your pet nanny or your family babysitter.
  • With a 64 GB micro SD card, you can record anytime, anywhere.


  • Notifications don’t come as easily as it should, and require constant check-in from the owner.

5. Abode Essentials Starter Kit

Abode Essentials Starter Kit

This device is an automated home security with an HD streaming camera. It is an all in one tool. On top of that, you get a key fob, a window sensor, and a mini window/door.

Check the price of Abode Essentials Starter Kit:


  • Sensors: With this starter kit, you get everything – starting from the motion sensor to the gateway. It also comes with a remote key fob and a mini window/door sensor. It also includes an in-built 93-decibel siren to alert when needed.
  • Backup: It also has professional level technology with its battery and cellular backup to keep your house safe – even during power outages.
  • Easy access: This Adobe system is self-controlled, and a self-monitored smart home platform and home security for you to manage via a mobile app or the Adobe web.


  • It is a professional level of home security.
  • It dictates self-installation, which will hardly take few minutes.
  • You won’t be charged anything monthly. You can either sign up with their professional monitoring or monitor your system for no charge at all.


  • Sometimes it fails to notify you during emergencies or sometimes, at all.
  • The GPS location fence on this device is appalling.

6. SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Security System

SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Security System

Check out this wireless security system by SereneLife and have a look at its exciting features.


  • Video Quality: With this product, you get crystal clear HD 1080p configurable pictures. That makes sure that you receive a sharp and high-quality image to optimize devices for playback. Regulate the wireless spy camera digital zoom and PTZ pan tilt indoors. You get to connect it with your Android as well as iOS devices.
  • Night Vision: The IR LEDs night vision allows you to see videos even in the dark. Disable the electronic LED sensors by yourself to prevent window glares from outside. You can also leave it on automatic. You will find the camera swift to be infrared in low light settings only.
  • Audio: Its two-way audio will help your nanny or babysitter to listen and keep an eye on the house two ways. You can alter the speaker level, as well as the microphone to adjust the echo or feedback. You can fix it on the ceiling or the wall.
  • Huge Memory: Its 64 GB micro SD card lets you record everything. It has scheduled recording, motion detection alert alarm as well as a 24-hour mode. This system overwrites features and keeps all your videos current, even when the storage memory is filled on your smartphone.
  • Easy Installation: It is easy to set up. There is no problematic technology involved. With a single login, you get WiFi access in your own home or even when you’re out to all your home security cameras. Remote option can be activated via cell phone, which can operate the hidden cloud cameras, and also link to quick movement alerts.


  • Easy setup.
  • The functionality of the application is smooth.
  • The application is easy to use and intuitive.
  • The sensitivity of the motion detection is commendable.
  • It can be viewed from any device using any software.
  • Video/picture quality is excellent even during the night.


  • The customer care and support team are terrible.
  • Viewing or downloading videos can be very time-consuming. Sometimes it crashes down the line. At times the size of the file may beef up; in
  • that case, you have to stop it from downloading.
  • Sometimes the notifications might seem off.
  • To connect to the server, it might take ages or sometimes happen in a blink of an eye.
  • The reset seems complicated in that case; you will have to change the settings.

7. SENS8 Home Security Camera System

SENS8 Home Security Camera System

Now you can stay connected with this device, which lets you stay close to your family and home wherever you are. It will notify you in case of any suspicious trespassing. During an emergency, you can trigger the in-built 95-decibel siren or get in touch with the local police with the help of its app.


  • Secure Storage: This device can record motion detection. All videos that have been recorded are saved in its in-built 8G memory. It can be automatically uploaded to your Google Drive or Dropbox. You won’t be charged anything for this storage.
  • Easy Communication: Its two-way communication will come handy when you are at work or out and about in general. This device allows you to see and communicate with the people back home.
  • Eliminates False Alarms: It will reduce false alarms drastically with the help of their unique optical design along with their patented algorithms.
  • It automatically eliminates moving shadow, light changes, and billowing curtains.
  • Sensors: The motion zone is customized to protect significant areas of your home and pick up activities that matter.
  • No Additional Fee: There is no monthly fee involved. It offers 8 GB worth in-built support and memory for uploading videos to the cloud storage on your Google Drive or Dropbox. You get a quality warranty of one year, which is again backed by 24*7 live chat support on their website.
  • Audio/Video Quality: You get complete protection with the help of its 1080p HD camera that has night vision along with other features like the speaker, 95-decibel alarm, and motion detection. You get bank-grade security encryption to protect your privacy. It can be utilized anywhere with its 2.4 GHz WiFi signal and power outlet. You also get an internal backup battery, which will keep your camera running for up to 2 hours in case of a power outage.


  • The video quality produced is excellent.
  • It sends an instant alert of motion when armed.
  • No additional charges as it uses your free Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • The automation mode is quite impressive.
  • You won’t have to reboot as the video loads within seconds.
  • There are certain things that you will find attractive about the camera: one year warranty, wireless capability, sound, light, humidity and temperature detection, 8G local storage, motion detection, night vision, 1080p HD video recording.
  • Their tech help is quite responsive.


  • The environment sense software still needs some work.
  • The software might seem disappointing to some.

8. Fortress Security Classic Home Security System

Fortress Security Classic Home Security System

This device is a classic-styled security system by Fortress with fantastic features in a single device. Go through its amazing features.


  • High on Alert: It’s ready to arm feature makes sure that your house is safe before the system arms. The central panel of Total Security alerts you through an SMS/text when the device is armed or disarmed. You are notified even when it is set in home mode, ensuring you when the monitoring has been altered. You can manage your system remotely with a no-cost smartphone application for both iOS and Android devices, that includes disarming and arming appliances with and add on the optional outlet.
  • Communication: The microphone installed for remote two-way communication and monitoring will let you communicate with others when you are on the go via the main panel.
  • Video Quality: The WiFi camera is compatible enough to let you view footage in real-time via the Total Security app that includes 720p High definition, 360-degree view, and two-way chat. Easily and quickly, you can access a genuine-time look of your home in the case, and you will receive a notification.
  • Software: The WiFi Security system is controlled via a free Android/iOS application, and the voice is controlled via Amazon Alexa.
  • Sensors: With the 24*7 optional monitoring, you can do everything by yourself. This procedure is full of sirens and wireless detectors with an in-built landline auto-dial that are programmed to facilitate an easy installation.


  • It is effortless to set up.
  • You get a lot of options on how to mount the hardware.
  • You can set up the phone number of several people who will be notified in case of an emergency.
  • It is affordable.
  • It does not require any drilling.
  • It comes with a good number of sensors.
  • Sirens are loud.
  • The trigger is quite quick.
  • You get the online videos for free.
  • You can navigate the main panel quite easily.
  • No complaints regarding customer service.
  • You can change the alarm zones as and when required.


  • If you want more monitoring, you will need a phone line.
  • Door and window sensors are quite bulky.
  • Instructions might seem a bit difficult to understand initially.

9. Sequro GuardPro Long Range Wireless Video Surveillance System

Sequro GuardPro Long Range Wireless Video Surveillance System

This device is one of the best self monitoring systems available in the market. It is a must to go through its complete list of features.


  • Sensor: There is an in-built PIR sensor camera that has a motion detection sensor with adaptable sensitivity settings to steer clear of sham alarms. It also saves up some memory space. The HD digital wireless video surveillance system consists of motion detection activation that uses image processing and PIR censoring.
  • Transmission Range: The transmission range is quite long, with its exceptionally long wire that ranges up to 1000 ft in an open area.
  • It comes with a mobile all in one touch screen monitor, which a user-friendly and handy interface.
  • Easy Access: You can live view and remote access via the internet. It will let you monitor anytime and anywhere with the help of their free Sequro app on Android or iOS.
  • Easy Installation: You need to plug, and place the cameras at the right place, and your job is done. You will enjoy your total home security system after that.
  • Video Quality: Its 720p HD video surveillance system sustains up to 4 cameras and comprises one 7-inch HD monitor and an IP66
  • Weatherproof bullet camera.
  • Easy Viewing: The 7-inch HD full-color LCD is a touch screen monitor that will let you see clear 720p quality video and audio stream as well from the camera. You can real-time Quad view at the same time for four cameras monitoring.
  • Night Vision: Uninterrupted surveillance can be accomplished with 20 powerful IR LED lights, which you will need for night vision up to 32 ft.
  • You can also switch the ICR filter for night vision/real day.
  • Huge Memory: It has a maximum capacity of 256GB micro SD card, which can distinctly record Audio, VGA quality video, and clear 720p.


  • The connection for this system can be relied upon as the cameras are indoors.
  • Everything except the power is wireless.
  • The pictures have excellent quality and high definition.
  • The instruction manual is quite easy to understand.


  • The playback can be quite blurry and choppy at times.
  • The replacement parts can be challenging to find.

10. Ring Alarm Motion Detector Security System

Ring Alarm Motion Detector Security System

You can protect your home from front to back with the help of this fantastic product. As it is quite small, it is quite easy to install on your wall with the plates that come with it. You can then link it with Ring Alarm base station to get hold of the movement around your house. You can easily monitor using your PC or phone. This device will add another layer of protection around your home.


  • Safety: The device needs the Ring Alarm Base station and hence inflates your whole house security system.
  • Notification: You will get an instant alert on your tablet and phone when any motion is picked on by the device in your apartment or house.
  • Software: You can monitor your own house from any Android or iOS device.
  • Easy installation: Installation is very easy, as all you have to do is mount it to any corner of your room or flat wall. You won’t even need any tools for the task or also professional help.


  • Its advanced motion sensitivity will not pick on your pets weighing under 50 pounds when installed above seven feet.
  • Its operating range is 250 feet long.
  • It comes with a 3V lithium battery.
  • Its keypad will announce home modes, disarmed and away.
  • You can afford additional add-on sensors.
  • You can add multiple users.
  • The starter kit consists of a Z-wave range extender.
  • The base station gives away different lights for different modes.
  • You can customize a lot using the app. You have options like a chirp, volume control, and push notification.
  • You get a backup battery lasting up to 6 months on your keypad on a single charge.


  • No third party integration or home automation is available as of yet.
  • You cannot add guest passcode. They will have to create a ring account first.
  • In case, you have the Home mode active; the door sensors will have a minimum of 30-second delay when setting off.
  • Each time you try to activate any mode, you will have to enter a 4-digit passcode.

Best Self Monitoring Security System – Your pick?

Having the best self monitoring security system gives you total control on the security and safety of your home. From sales to sensors, you have everything in your hand with your security system. But the biggest drawback of this is the fact, it is quite risky to have the entire responsibility on your head. It can prove to be quite stressful.

There is no need to pay a monthly fee to anyone else as you do all the job and solely you. In doing so, you are eliminating the middleman, so all the notifications and an alert reach you directly. This system also reduces the risk of raising false alarms, which might cost you big time. These are portable and easy to install so that you won’t need much assistance.

There are some of the best non monitored home security systems available in the market as well. But that might not give you the joy that you will get from having the power of control in your hand, hence choose wisely.

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