Best Outdoor Security Lights 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Litom 2. Urpower 3. Leonlite

When it comes to home security systems, different types of gadgets come into mind for different parts of the house. Protection of your homes 24/7 is one of the things that top the priority list of any person. Several kinds of home security system feature helps in the protection of a house.

One kind of protection is Professional Monitoring, which has alarm monitoring. As soon as some hindrance or breaking of the alarm system is detected, an alarm is generated.

Many of the servers of this service provide external security alarms such as alerts on the mobile phone, a recorded video to identify the thief and many more. The alarm acts as a security blanket over the house, both in the absence and presence of the owner.


Why Outdoor Security Lights?

Then there are security cameras which are installed in many places these days. They can be used to monitor the inside and outside, depending on the needs of the owner. This is one of the first steps that anyone can take towards protecting their homes.

Then there are smart home devices like door controllers for the garage or the porch, smart locks for safes or rooms, and smart lights for the outside of the house. Security lights outside the house has proven to be very useful when it comes to the security of the house. This is what will be discussed in this article. What are the best outdoor security lights that are available in the market today?

Outdoor security lights not only provide additional light for the outside of the home but are also efficient home security mechanisms that prevent burglary of the house. These are not very expensive, which is one of the best reasons why all houses should install these lights. Before choosing any product, a person has to recognize their needs and study the features of products to get satisfactory results.

Similarly, before buying outdoor security lights, one can study the features of the lights, such as their brightness, design (which contrasts with their house), durability, range of lightning, and reactiveness. There are different types of outdoor lights available in the market. Some of the best outdoor security lights have been discussed in this article.

Top 15 Best Outdoor Security Lights in 2020

1. Litom Original Solar Outdoor Security Lights

Litom Best Outdoor Security Lights

  • Litom is among the leading industries which supply solar lights, and they have always focused on development using the latest technology. Their main motto has always been customer satisfaction.
  • When it comes to looking at the best motion-sensing security lights, this product makes it to the list of the top ones.
  • The power produced using solar energy is the future, and LITOM outdoor lights are powered by solar energy. Thus, they are environment-friendly and use the latest innovation.
  • The brightness and area of coverage for these lights are outstanding.
  • They are internally fitted high power LEDs, and the chip fixed within has been designed to manage energy consumption efficiently. They have a voltage capacity of 3.7 volts and a power capacity of 8.14 Watts.
  • The illumination range of this light is extensive, with each light having a coverage reach of 200 square feet.
  • This light works all day long and converts the absorbed sunlight in the day into electricity for use at night.
  • As this light has motion sensors inculcated within, when the motion is detected, the light gets switched on for 20 seconds. If a motion is detected again when the light is on, the time for which the lights stay on is increased by another 20 seconds. Thus, the requirement of the user is fulfilled completely.
  • It is one of the best motion-sensing lights with 270 degrees wide-angle coverage.
  • The usage of these lights are flexible as they can be used in varied scenarios because of the three optional modes that come with the solar lights.
  • Their installation is easy and can be fitted expertly outside the door, in the porch, garage, driveways, and any other place you want them attached outside the house. Even if direct sunlight doesn’t hit the lights, they work efficiently.
  • It is IP65 rated and is thus dust-tight and protected against any water exposure.
  • It has a lifespan for three years with guaranteed protection of the internal circuitry and the battery. It thus, maybe the most reliable and best motion security light that is available in the market at present.


2. Urpower Solar Outdoor Light with Motion Activated

Urpower Solar Outdoor Light with Motion Activated

  • These are solar outdoor security lights designed uniquely by URPOWER.
  • The lights harness solar energy to power the lights at night.
  • They have motion sensors that help in lighting up the lights automatically on detecting motion within 10 feet of the lights.
  • The sensing angle for coverage by the lights is 120 degrees.
  • The intricate design of these lights is done such that both positive and negative pole directions are present on the bottom of the lights.
  • The design has been thought of by keeping maximum optimization in mind as 8 LEDs are brighter than the 4-LEDs solar lights and work for longer hours than 12-LEDs systems.
  • This is one of the best outdoor motion sensor security light that is available in the market today.
  • They have the capacity of lighting up continuously for up to 12 hours after the sun has set.
  • The illumination provided by these lights is maximum and is the optimum choice for safety and security purposes.
  • They have been approved as IP64, which means that they are splash resistant. Thus, it is guaranteed that they won’t be affected by rain or from a nearby sink. It is not known if they would work once submerged in water.
  • They are wireless, and thus perfect for usage in gardens, yards, patios, driveways, etc.
  • There are 4 Lithium-Ion batteries required for the set up of the 4 packs that are there in the package, and the batteries come with the system.
  • The voltage capacity is 3.7 volts, and the power capacity is 0.49 watts.
  • Even if the lights don’t receive direct sunlight at all, they work perfectly.
  • The installation is very quick and easy, and they don’t turn on at all during the day, and thus, the stored solar energy is not at all wasted.
  • They have a lifespan of 5 years, with the LED lifespan of 50000 hours, which requires 6 to 8 hours to get charged completely.


3. Leonlite 2 Head LED Outdoor Security Floodlight

Leonlite 2 Head LED Outdoor Security Floodlight

  • LEONLITE has designed these outdoor security lights
  • The light system has two heads. Motion detection by sensors is of up to 70 feet far from the place of installation.
  • They have been newly designed with three optional modes, which can be controlled according to the convenience and needs of the owner.
  • The three modes are ON-TIME mode, which allows the lights to be controlled manually, AUTO mode, which uses the motion and intensity detection capacity of the light and the third DAWN TO DUSK mode, which automatically turns the lights on dawn and lights them off at dusk.
  • These three modes of light increase the ways of usage and applicability of the light.
  • The lights are DLC and ETL qualified, which means that they are energy-efficient, and they have qualified the minimum safety standards that have been specified for all the accepted products in the same category.
  • There is a cut of 86.7% in the energy consumption and cost because of the 20 watts LED lamp used in the lights.
  • The quality of these lights has been specified as superior, and they have been certified as IP65 waterproof, which makes them dust-tight and has protection against any water exposure and adverse weather conditions.
  • The lights have a lifespan of 5 years with the guarantee of lifetime customer-friendly service.
  • The LED lights used have a warranty of working for 50000 hours, which avoids the replacement of parts.
  • The brightness level of the light is extremely high and up to 1800 lumens. The bulb voltage capacity is 120 volts.
  • The dual heads are adjustable to be fixed at varied angles as per need.
  • They can be used in eaves or entryways or anywhere the connections are viable. They are easy and quick to install.


4. Sansi LED Security Motion Sensor Lights

Sansi LED Security Motion Sensor Lights

  • These security lights come with motion sensors that are produced by SANSI.
  • These LED security lights turn on automatically on sensing motion that is detected up to 50 feet from where the lights are placed.
  • The angle of sense is of a wide range of 180 degrees.
  • The lights are suitable and compatible enough to be used outside as they are waterproof and hence, protected against adverse weather conditions.
  • The lights are super-bright, and the light produced has a power capacity of 36 watts that is bright enough for the outside environment during the night.
  • These LED lights are energy-efficient enough to replace regular bulbs as they save both energy and cost of replacement. The electricity bills can be cut by up to 85%.
  • These have been designed to work in four modes. The four modes of operation are TEST Mode, AUTO Mode, ON TIME Mode, and DAWN TO DUSK Mode. As the number of choices is plenty with these lights, the varied customer demands are met with this single product. The modes are adjustable and can be controlled manually.
  • The TEST Mode lets the lights turn on for 5 seconds during the day and the night once motion is detected. Using this mode, testing is done to see if the motion sensor of the security light is working correctly or not. Only range settings for the lights work in this mode.
  • In the AUTO Mode, settings can be made to turn the light on from 1 minute to 10 minutes once any motion is detected. This mode can work only during night time. In this mode, all three features of Lux, Time, and Range Settings work.
  • Lux setting helps in detecting the light levels outside and automatically switching off the lights during the day. The Time knob helps in setting time for which light remains on once motion is detected. The range setting helps in adjusting the range for which one needs motion detection. Maximum coverage is up to 50 feet.
  • In the ON TIME Mode, the light works like a regular LED Light. There is no option for motion sensing. The lights have to be handled manually and switched on and off when needed. It can work in both day and night.
  • In DUSK TO DAWN Mode, the lights turn on automatically at night (dusk) and turn off at the start of the day (dawn). This mode can be explicitly used for security purposes at night to prevent burglary. Only Lux Setting works for this mode of operation.
  • The entire package of this product includes one LED Security Light with two lamp heads and a motion sensor, three screws and a mounting plate, rubber screw plug, a waterproof gasket, a mounting bolt, and three-wire connectors.
  • This product comes with a warranty of 5 years, and the service is immensely customer-friendly.
  • Although the light’s lifespan is five years, a few factors should be taken care of while installing them. It should be seen that no infrared or ambient lights should be pointed towards the light directly, and it should be avoided to place the lights in places where the humid environment could affect the lights.
  • The light is ETL certified, which means it satisfies all minimum safety standards. Eight lights are available in one pack, and the voltage capacity of the lights is 120 volts.


5. Aootek 92 Led Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Aootek 92 Led Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

  • This is an outdoor security light, which is a product of Aootek.
  • These solar lights have motion sensors inculcated within. They absorb solar energy during the day so that they can provide electricity to the lights at nighttime. This light has the best use of security.
  • These lights are operational in 3 modes.
  • The first mode is Security Light Mode, wherein the lights turn on for 15 seconds on detection of motion.
  • The second mode of operation is Permanent On All Night mode. As soon as it becomes dark, the light switches on automatically and stays on till dusk.
  • The third mode of operation is the Smart Brightness Control Mode where the light switches on at night, stays on all night in a dim mode and becomes brighter when any motion is detected within its sensing range
  • It has a sensitive Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR), which detects any movement that occurs within its range, that is, 26 feet within an angle of 120 degrees.
  • It uses a 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which makes the illumination very bright, and the lights last for the long-term. The lithium-ion battery is available with the package.
  • These lights are incredibly durable with incredibly efficient solar panels that PET laminated, and the LED lights are of premium quality. As the lights use solar power, they are energy-saving and environment-friendly.
  • They have been approved to be IP65 waterproof, which makes them dust-tight and resistant to water.
  • These lights are great if outdoor security lights are needed for lawn, porch, garden, pathways, etc.
  • The voltage capacity of the lights is 3.7 volts, and the power capacity is 3.7 watts.
  • The warranty period for these lights is for one year, and they come as a pack of four lights.


6. Lepower 3500LM LED Security Lights

Lepower 3500LM LED Security Lights

  • These LED security lights are a product of LEPOWER and are used as motion-sensing floodlights.
  • The intensity of brightness emitted by the lights is very high, and they are incredibly energy-efficient.
  • There are 3 LED light heads. The brightness of illumination is 3500 lumens high, which is very useful for lighting up at dark for security purposes.
  • These lights are cost-effective too and reduce the electricity bills by up to 80%.
  • The range of motion sensing for these lights is up to 49 feet with an angle of sensing as wide as 180 degrees.
  • The adjustability of the hoods of lenses, the heads of the light and the motion sensor is very good. The installment is effortless and quick.
  • The lights are IP65 certified, and thus they are waterproof and durable against bad weather like rainfall or snow.
  • These are floodlights and, thus, have been designed to shine intensely in dark areas. They are perfect at night for Entryways, stairs, and areas where a wide range of lighting is required.
  • This is a long-lasting product with 50000 hours lifespan and consistent performance for an extended period.
  • It is ETL certified and qualifies all basic standards for providing safe and efficient lighting to your homes.
  • This light has a 1-year warranty period along with a 60 days money-back guarantee in case the quality of the product is not found to be satisfactory.
  • There are two switches under the motion sensors which help in adjusting time and range settings.
  • Any obstructions in front of the lights should be avoided at the time of installation.
  • LEDs have a long life because of the effective heating during the time they are active and fast cooling action when they are switched off.
  • They have 39 watts power capacity and 120 volts voltage capacity.


7. Lepower 3000LM LED Security Lights

Lepower 3000LM LED Security Lights

  • These outdoor security lights are a product of LEPOWER.
  • These lights give super bright illuminance. The brightness emitted is up to 3000 lumens, and heat dissipation is also excellent.
  • The motion-sensing capability and adjustability of this light are incredible.
  • The range of motion sensing is 49 feet from the place of installment, and the angle of sensing is 180 degrees.
  • The light heads and motion sensors are flexible to adjustments and can rotate in different directions and angles as per the need of the house.
  • When it comes to operational modes, for this light, there is no mode in which the light remains on permanently.
  • This light is approved for the IP65 waterproof rating. Thus, it is resistant to adverse weather conditions like rain or snow storms and has adequate protection from dust too.
  • It is an excellent choice of outdoor security lights for patios, entryways, staircases, yards, and other places that are dark and need brighter lighting.
  • It is ETL certified, and the durability of the light is remarkable. The LED has a long-lasting life of 50000 hours, which is a commendable performance.
  • It is energy-efficient, as well as cost-effective. Thus, it is perfect for security purposes.
  • The warranty on this product is for one year, and there is a guaranteed cash-back policy if the customer finds any issue with the product quality.
  • There are two switches present under the motion sensors which help in changing settings. Such as the time for which the lights will remain on when motion is sensed (30s, 60s, 120s, and the time of test mode, which is 5 to 6 seconds) and range of sensing within which if motion occurs, lights will turn on. The range can be set in these three categories: 13ft-20ft, 20ft-33ft and 33ft-49ft.
  • The installation is easy and quick, but some factors should be taken into account, such as no infrared light should be in front of the LED lights.
  • This product has FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification for quality performance.


8. Glorious-Lite 3 Head Motion Sensor Light Outdoor

Glorious-Lite 3 Head Motion Sensor Light Outdoor

  • This is a three-headed outdoor light that can be used for outdoor security purposes.
  • GLORIOUS-LITE has designed it.
  • These LED Security lights have a super brightness level output of up to 3500 lumens.
  • The heat dissipation by these lights is excellent, which makes the LED lights last for a long time.
  • There are two modes of operation available with these lights- AUTO Mode and TEST Mode.
  • The Auto Mode allows the lights to turn on as soon as motion is detected and stay on for 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the setting given by the user if no further movement is detected during the time, they are active.
  • The Test Mode is only for testing before installation or when maintenance work is going on. In this mode, as testing can be required at any time of the day or night, it switches on for 6 seconds after motion has been detected and can be used during both day and night.
  • The installation of this setup is pretty straightforward. There are a few wiring situations where the wires have to be connected, but that can be done quickly. Instructions must be read carefully before installation, and they must be installed vertically.
  • These lights have motion sensor lights that have a long-life rating for 50000 hours.
  • The motion-sensing range for these lights is of 49 feet and a wide sensing range of up to 180 degrees. This makes these LED Security lights one of the best motion sensor security lights available in the market.
  • The security light has no permanent on mode, which can switch the lights automatically.
  • The quality standards for this product have ETL certification, which means that they are incredibly safe to use, provide adequate lighting, and hence, extra protection to your home.
  • It has an IP65 rating, and thus, it is water-resistant and can withstand adverse weather conditions.
  • These lights are perfect for fence, patio, workshops, yards, and other places that are darker than the others in the house as they are super bright.
  • This product has a warranty period of one year and a money-back policy if there is any fault in the lights.
  • These lights not only help in energy-saving but also help in cutting down your electricity bills by up to 80%. The power capacity of these lights is 39 watts, while the voltage capacity is 120 volts.
  • They have two switches on the bottom side of the motion sensors, which help in controlling time and range settings.
  • All three heads and the motion sensor have complete flexibility for movement and positioning as per the requirement.
  • The wires are constructed in such a way that they only have to connect to the electric box; there is no need to have a plug or switches.


9. Hykolity 20W Dusk To Dawn LED Security Light

Hykolity 20W Dusk To Dawn LED Security Light

  • These lights have been specially designed for outdoor security and are one of the best outdoor security lighting available in the market when it comes to usage centered at night time only.
  • These lights have internal photocells which provide the DUSK TO DAWN Mode. So basically, the lights remain switched off during the day and turn on automatically at night (At dusk). They again switch off at dawn.
  • This ensures cost-cutting and energy-saving for the owner of the lights.
  • The areas in which the lights are needed the most can be covered by adjusting the heads as their movement is flexible.
  • These lights are perfect for all-night lighting up of dark walkways, garage, the porch of the house, and secluded areas.
  • These lights have an IP65 rating for being water-resistant, shock and erosion-resistant, and for being dust-tight. The material of construction is sturdy and can last for long periods. Thus, it is suitable for outdoor locations that might be prone to rainfall or other severe weather conditions.
  • These lights are incredibly bright and have their brightness level up to 2200 lumens.
  • The lifespan of these lights is up to 5 years, and they provide customer-friendly lifetime service.
  • The installation steps are swift and smooth, with primary wire connections to the electric box.


10. Lepower 35W Dusk To Dawn Light LED Security Lights Outdoor

Lepower 35W Dusk To Dawn Light LED Security Lights Outdoor

  • These lights are used for outdoor security, and they are a product of LEPOWER.
  • These are super bright lights. These are floodlights that can produce up to 3500 lumens at a meager power of 35 watts, which is very good for lighting up dark areas outside the house to protect it from vandals.
  • The lights come in two modes of operation DUSK TO DAWN Mode and PERMANENT ON Mode.
  • The Dusk to Dawn Mode uses the in-built sensor that has been made for the very purpose to turn the light on at dusk and again automatically turn them off at dawn.
  • If a person wants to operate the lights manually, then they can use the PERMANENT ON Mode.
  • There comes a sensor cap with the package itself, which can be used to cover the sensor, and the switch can be used to turn the light on and off instead. The lights will remain on permanently unless and until turned off by the user.
  • An ETL certification is given to this product for its outstanding working standards and exceptional safety and security features.
  • IP65 waterproof rating has been given to this product, which declares that the lights have protection against rain or any other kind of water exposure, dust, and snowstorms.
  • It has been rated to last for up to 50000 hours, and this long-lasting life will include the stable performance of the lights.
  • The efficiency and consistency of the performance of these lights guarantee extra protection and safety to the house.
  • These Dusk to Dawn lights by LEPOWER have a one-year warranty period with 60 days cash-back policy if the lights turn out to be faulty or there is some issue with their quality of work.
  • These lights have an anti-glare feature, which makes the light bright but still soft on the eyes.
  • The LED Lights are made entirely out of aluminum, and they are powered using a Samsung LED lamp bead.
  • As the lights are protected against outside exposure, they work ideally outdoors, even in adverse weather conditions, and can be used in the porch, yard, gardens or pathways.
  • The installation is straightforward and can be done smoothly using a 4-inch standard junction box.
  • The entire aluminum model of the light can help in uniform and excellent heat dissipation and can increase the life of the lights.
  • The lights can be mounted on the walls and on the eaves (which means both horizontally and vertically) at any required position, and angle as the adjustability that comes with this product provides 360 degrees angle rotation.
  • The voltage capacity for these lights is 120 volts, while the power capacity is 35 watts.


11. Home Zone ES00730V Security LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights

Home Zone ES00730V Security LED Motion Sensor Flood Lights

  • These are motion sensor flood lights that have been produced by Home Zone. These motion sensor lights help in keeping the house on alert all night long.
  • The motion detecting range for these lights is 33 feet with the angle sensing range of 180 degrees.
  • These lights are incredibly durable because of the materials that make them. Aluminum is die-casted to make the body while there is a rubber sealing that helps in protection from outdoor conditions. Although the light has not been certified with any water-resistant ratings, so it is not guaranteed that it will be able to withstand any weather conditions.
  • These lights are compatible with soffit and eave mountings.
  • Customization of the lights by the buyer is allowed. The customer can customize the settings and set the time at which the lights should turn on and off according to the daylight level.
  • There is an option to set a time for active lights as soon as any motion is detected. This time duration can be the 30s, 60s, or 120s.
  • The two-headed security light system has flexible and adjustable joints around which movement of the lights becomes easier, and they can be fixed in any position as per requirements.
  • The LED technology provides a brightness level of up to 2000 lumens, and the LED life lasts up to 5 times longer than a regular bulb.
  • These Home Zone Motion Sensor Lights have been tested for quality and are CSA certified for clearing all standards of safety.
  • The customer service is provided post five years after the purchase of the product. The company guarantees quality assurance.
  • The power capacity of each LED head is 14 watts, and the voltage capacity is 120 volts.
  • This new LED technology is affordable, easily accessible, energy-efficient, and helps in cutting costs when it comes to everyday electricity bills.
  • With standard and regular usage, the predictability and sustainability of these lights have been calculated for up to 20 years.
  • The package for this light includes one Security Light Fixture, Mounting Screws, a Mounting Bracket, Wire Nuts, and a Cushion Ring.


12. Amico Dusk To Dawn Light LED Outdoor Flood Security Lights

Amico Dusk To Dawn Light LED Outdoor Flood Security Lights

  • This DUSK TO DAWN Light is a floodlight that can be used in dark places outside the house where you need lighting for security purposes. This light is a product by Amico.
  • These lights turn on automatically as soon as dusk sets in, and they turn off automatically at dawn.
  • The photocell sensor that is built inside the LED fixture which lights up the LEDs from dusk till dawn.
  • Not only is this security light system energy-efficient, but it is also cost-effective too.
  • 20-Watt LED lights to produce a brightness level output of 2200 lumens.
  • There is no manual option to switch these lights on or off. There is automatic switching on and off at dusk and dawn, making the life of the homeowner much easier.
  • This light has been given an IP65 waterproof rating, which makes it water-resistant, dust-tight, and this also protects against rain and snowstorms. The design of the lights can be customized by the customer to protect it against adverse weather conditions.
  • This lighting is one of the best outdoor security lights available in the market and is perfect for lighting up garages, workshops, and other outdoor areas.
  • Amico provides 24/7 services to the customers after they have purchased the product in case any part is found to be faulty or not of the quality as described.
  • At the average room temperature of 25 degrees, the distance of motion detection is the maximum. With an increase or decrease in temperature, the detection can vary.
  • The illumination of this light is very high, and the sensitivity is infinite.
  • Twisting and turning of the light heads, motion sensors, and hood of the lens is very flexible, and they can rotate 360 degrees.
  • The motion-sensing angle range is 180 degrees wide.


13. LP-1803-WH 180-Degree White Motion Activated Outdoor LED Flood Lights

LP-1803-WH 180-Degree White Motion Activated Outdoor LED Flood Lights

  • FLI Products manufacture these LED Floodlights.
  • These motion-sensing lights have been specially made for outdoor security purposes.
  • These are floodlights that can be used to light up extremely dark places outside the house.
  • The brightness output level produced by these lights is up to 1100 lumens using a small power capacity of 12 watts.
  • Motion detecting range for the lights is 50 feet away from the place where the lights are installed. The angle sensing range is extensive and up to 180 degrees. The coverage includes not only the area around the mounted lights but also the area below the fixture.
  • There is an allowance for manual control over the time settings. The user can control the time for which the light stays on after motion is detected. It can be set to 1, 5, 10, or 20 minutes according to the need of the customer.
  • The photocell can be adjusted according to the daylight levels, whether you want the lights to switch on or off.
  • According to the setting, the sensors can get activated and switch on when the desired daylight level sets in.
  • The installation of these lights is a simple job, and they can be mounted on the eaves or walls (horizontally or vertically).
  • The direction in which the lights can face is adjustable by 220 degrees. Thus, the movement is flexible and can be fixed by the customer as per their requirements.
  • The protection against all weather conditions is not guaranteed. It is not recommended for outside installation where there is a possibility of exposure to water.


14. Dakason 30W LED Outdoor Light

Dakason 30W LED Outdoor Light

  • This Dusk to Dawn lights is a full cutoff LED wall pack and is a product by Dakason.
  • The LED lights use only 30 watts of power to generate a brightness level of 3300 lumens. Thus, they are energy-efficient and save up to 80% of energy.
  • The Photocell sensor inside these lights is used to sense what time of day it is using the set daylight level that has to be reached. They automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at the start of dawn.
  • There is another operational mode available which can be used by the owner of the house manually if they want to change the time settings at which the lights should turn on and off. For that, the customer has to cover the photocell sensor with a non-photocell cover available with the package.
  • The desired light beam direction can be achieved as there is allowed rotation of the head of the light by 90 degrees maximum.
  • It is incredibly durable with the guarantee of lasting for a long time because the fixtures are made in die-cast aluminum.
  • As the angle of rotation is limited to 90 degrees, it is the best outdoor security light if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors and limit the light coverage within your house.
  • These lights have been given IP65 waterproof rating, and thus, they are protected against rain, sleet, or snowstorms and are also dust-resistant.
  • They have been given the ETL Certification, which means that they have qualified all the necessary standards for product safety and are reliable for usage.
  • They have been DLC listed, which means that they have declared to be environment-friendly and energy-efficient.
  • The LEDs have up to 50000 hours of consistent working with free maintenance if some part goes faulty.
  • The warranty period for the lights is five years, and accessible communication and service are available to the customers.
  • They can be used to light up exteriors of residences or offices, garage entrance, pathways, patios, backyards, and any other outdoor areas that need lighting at night.
  • The temperatures at which it can work are from -4-degree Fahrenheit to 122-degree Fahrenheit.


15. JJC Security Lights Outdoor

JJC Security Lights Outdoor

  • These outdoor security lights are a product of JJC.
  • The Photocell sensor built inside the lights has high sensitivity, and the usage is straightforward.
  • The sensor detects night and daytime scenarios using the pre-assigned daylight level. It thus automatically turns on as soon as dusk sets in and stays on for the entire night. It gets switched off automatically at dawn.
  • The installation procedure is effortless, and the head of the light can be rotated in any direction once hung up as per the need of the customer.
  • This is the best security light if the requirement is for a light that has complete protection from outside weather conditions. It has received an IP65 waterproof rating, which not only makes it resistant to any encounter with water like rain or snow but also protects that material of the fixtures from dust, rust, and erosion.
  • These lights are huge promoters of energy conservation as they provide 3400 lumens of brightness for the mere power of 28 watts, hence, cutting down the electricity bill by up to 88%.
  • The super brightness that is produced by these floodlights can be used to light up darker parts outside the house, such as walkways, garage, gardens, etc.
  • The lights have received premium standards and certifications of DLC and ETL, which assures that they are of superior quality and that their usage is safe and reliable.
  • The housing is made of die-cast aluminum while the lampshade is made of stalinite glass, which makes the fixture incredibly durable and long-lasting. These materials do not corrode, and they are also resistant to rust.
  • There is a 5-year warranty on the product with a guaranteed service life of up to 50000 hours.
    For a light that is mounted at the height of 5-16 feet, the coverage area for the light will be 51-92 feet in diameter.

Why Are Outdoor Lights Useful?

These were some of the best outdoor security lights reviews that are governing the market at present. Choosing the best outdoor security lights is very important these days to prevent burglary and vandalism. It helps in warning the owners of the house about any intruders that might trespass on your property.

These lights have other functions as well. Outdoor lights add an aesthetic theme and dimension to the house. They can be used at night for parties that are held in the garden, barbequing outside at night, or maintaining a vegetable garden at night.

Best outdoor motion-sensing lights can also help in letting the owners of the house know that someone is at the door, such as in case guests are arriving.

Best Outdoor Security Lights – Your Pick?

Thus, making sure that one’s house is safe and secure is their responsibility. Outdoor security lights help in keeping the house on alert. The best LED security lights that are available in the market are not only energy-efficient but cost-effective too.

They can serve the purpose of providing security along with cutting down electricity bills and conserving energy on this planet, which is essential at present. Too many lights should not be used as they attract more attention, but a necessary few are always effective, and their placement in the right positions can be a huge help.

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