Best Laptop For Cyber Security 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Apple MacBook Pro 2. Razer Blade Stealth 3. Acer Predator

Find the ideal laptop for cybersecurity purposes, IT professionals, and hackers is a complicated process, and they usually depend upon various specific needs. If you want to be successful in cybersecurity, the laptop must be the priority. You need the Best Laptop For Cyber Security 2020. The learning methods involve a lot of techniques with cutting edge software and gadgets with cutting edge technology.

Similarly, cybersecurity and IT businesses are booming, and all you need is a fast, efficient, and versatile laptop that can fulfill all the client requirements. Therefore, the best laptop for cybersecurity needs must require a proper hardware configuration; to boot the dual operating system and to run various password recovery applications.


In the modern internet era, it is highly difficult to protect both personal and professional data. Primarily when the business deals with financial transactions and social networking, the need for cyber security is high. Hence you need to build the best security system for business with the right laptop.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Laptop For Cyber Security 2020

1. Processor

No entry-level processor will help if you are in the field of IT security and hacking. You have to consider at least i5 core from the Intel range and R5 from the AMD. This must include 2.5GHz clock speed as the mandatory value.

As the core increases, the processes can handle multi-tasks at a time. A big cache is not needed for these IT security activities, but to be on the safer side, it must be at least 4 MB. Also, it is a proven fact that the Intel processor works more efficiently for hacking.

Some core i7 bases systems are creating the best performance for the laptop. The only problem with the i7 core is that they produce heat as they are heavily gauged with various tasks at the same time. If your needs are for the big corporates, then you must be choosing either i7 or i9. In i9, there is an inbuilt cooling system and works faster than any other laptop.

Their performance is significantly higher than any processors. It is because they are supported by a quad-core, which is not found in the smaller core version. When you are buying a laptop for cybersecurity purposes, it is always recommended to have high core processors that benefit both design and technical advancements.

2. RAM

RAM is an essential component of the computer. Even if you are purchasing the laptop for regular use, it is crucial to check the RAM first. In olden days even 4GB RAM was more than enough to get the best out of your computer.

But that is not the case anymore. These days you need computers with 8GB RAM minimum. Suppose if you are purpose is only IT security and require high-end technical processes, then you may have to check for the 16GB and 32GB RAM. Even gamers prefer to choose this higher range for the best user experience.

The working principle of RAM is simple. The more RAM, the more applications that can be run at the same time, and you can always quickly access the data. Here the tasks become handy and perform tasks at a faster rate.

For hacking purposes, RAM comes as an essential element in operation itself. There is multiple software that you need to run. Especially if you are working with the MNCs data, this becomes highly significant. Therefore ensure you are giving enough space for them to run.

3. Storage

Considering that you buy a laptop purely for networking and security, then you must include the right storage configuration as a priority. You have to run executable scripts that en route the network, and the speed of the file get stored primarily as a temporary file. Therefore, there will be storage loss in the temporary files.

Hence, to work with the other applications simultaneously, you need a larger storage space. Hard drives are usually available in all ranges these days, but most of them are out of the league for the security requirements.

Especially with the thin and light laptops, consider this as an essential aspect of purchasing. This is because the laptops become slow, bulk and produce heavy noise otherwise.

A Solid-State Device (SSD), on the other hand, offers a lot more than just speed of the hard drive. It runs silently and can be downloaded from the form factor. This will not add more weight and bulk the laptop.

As a result, almost all OEMs have adapted to SSD storage, which became the standard device for laptops. With the IT profession, especially, it helps in booting up your systems. Hence it becomes one of the determining factors to choose the best laptop for cybersecurity.

4. Graphics Card

With all the above parameters, it is also essential to have a laptop with a supercool and fast processing GPU. The GPU in a computer stands for the Graphics Processing Unit. When it comes to cracking passwords and securing the system, Graphic cards are highly essential for the laptop. Some laptops come in with the best-inbuilt graphics card.

These are mostly gaming laptops that can also serve the purpose of Cybersecurity. Besides, you can also provide graphics cards to the laptop as add-ons. These graphic cards are meant to handle extensive data processing simultaneously. The NVIDIA Graphic cards are extensively known for graphic data processing.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX series and GTX series serve this purpose pretty well. With these graphic cards in hand, you can now work with a high-speed to sort out the cybersecurity issues. Select the laptops the graphics card feature in-built to avoid extra expenditure.

Most laptops that come with the graphic card have better performance and higher efficiency when compared to the ones without these.

5. Networking Aspects

The laptops that you pick for cybersecurity should have a critical feature called networking. The first thing in networking is Wi-Fi adaptability. The laptops should pick up the strongest and most adaptable signal to work with better efficiency. This is possible with the help of the 802.11/b/n/ac networking system.

This, again, is an important feature. When buying your new laptop, make sure that the laptop you select has this parameter. Apart from the Wi-Fi system, other modes of connectivity are also important.

For example, Bluetooth connectivity. Though this doesn’t play an essential role in cybersecurity, this is just another added feature. Apart from this, the wired mode of connection also matters. Check for laptops that have USB ports, HDMI connections, USB C type ports, etc.

With these networking systems, data transfer, and access has now become simple. Before purchasing your laptop, make sure it has these options to help you serve the purpose efficiently.

6. Processor Count

This is a self-understanding terminology. For efficient working, it is required for the laptop not to have an excellent processor, but also the number of processors. This is because one processor handling several activities might heat the computer.

With more number of processors, with more RAM and working speed, the laptop can give the best performance. So, choose the laptop that has a higher RAM and number of processors to make the best use of the purchased laptop.

7. Cooling System

The laptops that are designed and meant for the cybersecurity systems have to process a lot of data. As a result of this, the laptop might suffer heating, which in turn may lead to the destruction of the internal parts.

This is yet another factor that you will have to consider in case you wish to buy another laptop for cybersecurity. There are newer designs of laptops that have specialized systems for cooling in them.

The ultra fast-rotating speeds, keeps your laptop chilled despite the heavy workload. Cybersecurity laptops also run for hours together to process much data or run long programs. Analyze the available options to select the ones with the best cooling system.

Though this doesn’t seem important, this is also a factor that has to be considered. So when all the other parameters are the same among the laptops, you can choose the one you want with this specification as a basis.

8. Display

A sound display system is essential for any laptop. No matter what the purpose is, a laptop with a better display means that the working individual can have a better working experience. High Definition LEDs are standard in laptops these days.

They enable the user to visualize with better clarity. The high definition system means a 1080 pixel. This is available on almost all laptops and computers that are manufactured these days. The display is not a primary parameter when it comes to purchasing laptops for cybersecurity.

However, to have an easy and happy work time, it is good to choose laptops with a better display system. A system with the best RAM, Processor, and Graphic unit will coordinate and come along with the best display system.

9. Battery Life

This is an inevitable factor when it is about purchasing laptops. The ultimate aim of inventing and using laptops is portability. Not always you get a chance to charge your laptop. Hence, a laptop with a long-lasting and efficient battery system also matters a lot. This has very less impact on the cybersecurity systems, though.

There are laptops these days that come with backup power of more than 13.5 hours. Choose the ones with extended battery life, to exploit maximum energy use efficiency from your laptop.

Most laptops have Lithium batteries in them. These are proven to be the best for portability. Analyze the battery life of the brand and the product you wish to buy. Look for customer reviews to get a clear cut idea on the actual battery life of the laptop you want to purchase.

Laptops mostly display longer battery life in the specification. But the battery life doesn’t always coincide with the descriptions. The reviews from customers after using the product will give the exact details on the battery system.

10. Operating System

The operating system in a laptop determines the user interface. A laptop with an advanced version of the operating system helps easy usage. Windows is the most widely used operating system these days.

The laptops that are meant for gaming come with windows 10 Home or a Windows 10 Pro Operating system. This is to enable easy usage and access. You no longer have to type pages of codes to open up a file or to save a file.

You can work with ease on the laptops with the best operating system. Try to purchase a laptop with the most advanced version of the operating system available at the time of purchase. This varies with periods.

11. Miscellaneous

As mentioned above, laptops are meant for portability. Choose the ones with less weight to enjoy the best laptop experience. This depends on the user. There are several styles and colors in which the laptops are available.

You can choose from them. There are gaming laptops that come with a customizable keyboard and chroma coloring or lights. All this is up to the interest of the user. These factors do not have an impact on the usage of the laptop for cybersecurity.

Top 10 Best Laptops For Cyber Security 2020

1. New Apple MacBook Pro

New Apple Best Laptop For Cyber Security 2019Cybersecurity is imperative for corporates to protect and encrypt all their data. The right computer has all the specifications to give an unhindered cyber-secure experience. First comes the capacity of the processor. The 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor makes sure that you get the best benefit out of the laptop you are using.

The next is the clarity in the display. With the retina display system in the New apple MacBook pro, you can now view it all with perfect clarity. The extended battery life helps the laptop to work continuously and makes it one of the best laptops for cybersecurity.

The Ultrafast Solid State Drives, helps secure data storage with fewer battery consumptions. The availability for 4 USB ports makes it easy to access the computer and extract data. The Intel UHD graphics 630, also gets the best visual clarity for the individual.

The Radeon Pro 555x Graphics with 4 GB of video memory is yet another advantage of this computer. MacBooks have always been preferred as the best security system for business because of their unmatched quality.

The force touch trackpad again makes it easy for you to work on the system with ease. The storage capacity is either 256 Gb or 512 GB, which you can choose from. The system has a stylish Space tray colored appearance to give it the best look. Get it today to help you with a matchless security system for small businesses. This makes it one of the Best Laptop For Cyber Security 2020.


  • Retina display
  • 9th generation processor
  • Superfast work efficiency


  • Comparatively shorter battery life


2. Razer Blade Stealth

Razer Blade StealthWhen it comes to cybersecurity, several computers come handy. One among them is the Razer Blade Stealth. The high-efficiency Intel Core i7 processor gives the fastest working system. The Quad-core processor, along with the 16 GB dual-channel memory, makes it the best laptop for cybersecurity.

This laptop is designed extensively for travelers and traveling. The lightweight and compatible device makes it handy and perfect for movement. The longer battery stand of 13 hours makes it more suitable for low energy consumption and longer usage time.

The thin bezel Full High definition display makes it the best to visualize images and videos with super clear clarity. The ports on this laptop makes it suitable to connect with a wide range of devices. This includes USB A, USB C, Thunderbolt 3 ports. The 4GB graphics Card Ram size makes it suitable to process the visual data within a shorter span with the best quality.

The internal memory is either 256GB or 512 GB that can be extended up to 2 Tb to ensure more data storage space. The Razer Chroma keyboard that makes the keyboard more lively, with infinite personalization. Choose Razer blade stealth to enjoy the best security system for business. Razer has brought for us one of the Best Laptop For Cyber Security 2020.


  • Best RAM
  • Ultra-thin and weightless
  • RGB lighted keyboard
  • Ports for easy connect ability


  • Smaller screen size
  • No optical drive
  • Processor count is 1


3. Acer Predator

Acer PredatorThe first best thing about the Acer Predator Helios is the super-fast 9th generation intel core i7 processor. This makes the laptop more suitable for unmatched data processing. The 15.6 inches, High definition screen helps you view every pixel with clarity.

Thus, making this laptop more ideal for both cybersecurity as well as gaming purpose. The best networking service is possible with the Killer Wireless AC 1550 802.11 ac, making it a perfect choice for cybersecurity purposes.

The Killer ethernet and Wireless ac enable the system to pick up the best available network and make the best use of it. The turbo mode enhances the performance of the system, with ultimate processing speed and maximum efficiency.

Work in silence with the 4th generation Aero blades that ensure a cool computer with high airflow but with minimum sound generation. The slots available in the laptop makes it suitable for easy data transfer. Additionally, the available hard drive bay makes it easy to extend the data storage.

The manufacturer warranty makes it easy for the return or replacement of the product, although the seller warranty is also available for products that are delivered with damage. The lithium-ion batteries ensure a longer battery life of up to 6 hours.

Built-in stereo speakers to provide voice clarity. With all these top-class features, the Acer predator is one of the best laptops for a cybersecurity purpose. Grab one today to have secured networking and super secure data. This a great pick for if you need the Best Laptop For Cyber Security 2020.


  • 9th generation processor
  • Wider and better screen
  • Best RAM for processing


  • No optical drive


4. Acer Aspire

Acer AspireAcer computers are known for cool features and ultra-fast laptops. One of the series is the Acer aspire that comes with a 6 GB RAM to ensure the best quality data processing. The 8th generation intel core i3 processor ensures hitch-free processing.

The extended memory is up to 1TB for mega-sized data storage options. The battery life of this computer extends up to 13.5 hours, making it the most efficient laptop in terms of energy usage, making it one of the best laptops for cybersecurity.

The graphic card RAM size is around 2 GB to process and give out the best quality images for you to view. The processor is 2.2GHz Intel Core i3 that gives the best performance among the top-rated laptops in the market. The obsidian black outlook gives it a professional yet classy look.

The manufacturer warranty extends up to one year to ensure easy repair and servicing from the manufacturer. The windows 10 Home software system makes it easy for the user to work with the system. The complete display is 15.6 inches with a high definition LED screen.

All this makes sure you get the best working experience with the Acer Aspire laptop series. The Wi-Fi comes with the MU-MIMO technology to pick up the super-fast network. High definition webcam and inbuilt stereo speakers have also added advantages to this system. Get the Acer to aspire for the best security system for your business.


  • 8th generation processor
  • Extended battery life
  • Wider screen


  • Comparatively low-efficiency processing speed (2.2GHz)


5. Asus ROG

Asus ROGAmong the top brands of laptops available in the market, Asus ROG has managed to own a special preference among the best laptop for cybersecurity. The laptop is ultra-slim, making it more suitable for portability.

The screen is 15 inches, packed with high definition LEDs to give the best picturization. The process is i7 intel core, 8750H Hexa-core processor, to provide a quick performance for Cybersecurity.

The metallic covering is made out of magnesium alloy, which gives protection to the hardware. The keyboard is customizable, 4 zone Asus Aura to provide the laptop with a lively look and feel while working.

The RAM is 16 GB to help you get a quick and best processing experience. The Operating system is Windows 10 Pro that gives an enhanced experience with the easy user interface. The specialty of this system is the ROG active aerodynamic system that has 12 Volt fans.

These fans are upgraded to ensure a cool system. This also helps keep the system away from the dust. Have a clean and cool system with the brand new ROG fans that are inbuilt in the laptop.

The refresh rate of the system is 144Hz, 3ms to give you the best laptop using experience. The graphics in the system are NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q to help you visualize the images and videos with ultra level clarity.


  • 16 GB computer memory
  • 3.9 GHz processor
  • HD quality display


  • No optical drive


6. ROG Strix Scar II

ROG Strix Scar IIThe ROG Strix SCAR II is rated the best among the gaming laptops, with a super large 17.3-inch screen. This helps you visualize the images in High Definition with the inbuilt LEDs on display. The refresh speed is 144 Hz, 3 ms to give it a quick and fast refresh look. The processor is Intel core i7-8750H to get your codings to process within a short time.

The operating system is Windows 10 Home to give a user-friendly interface. The Gigabit wave 2 802.11 AC Wi-Fi, Quad antennas, provides an additional point to the networking using this laptop. This makes it the best laptop for cybersecurity. The keyboard is also designed with an advantage.

There are customizations available for the keyboard with variations in lighting that can be adjusted to match the requirements of the individual. The GeForce GTX 1060 gives the best experience for Cybersecurity.

No more worries about laptop heating. With the Hypercool Pro Thermal system inbuilt in the ROG Strix SCAR II, you can work for hours together with a neat system.

The fans are also designed with Triple radiators and heatsink to keep in all super-cool. These fans also prevent dust buildup inside the laptop.

With a 1000 GB hard disk, you can store surplus data with no fear memory. Experience the best, with a 3.9GHz processor ROG Strix SCAR II is capable of giving the best security system for business.


  • Widest screen size
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 5 USB ports for smooth data transfer
  • The best wireless networking system


  • No optical drive


7. Asus VivoBook

Asus VivoBookAmong all the best laptops for cybersecurity, Asus VivoBook has enhanced experience and performance. The laptop, with its ultra-thin size, is designed for easy portability. The screen is 15.6 inches with the best LED system to help you visualize images in High definition.

The processor is Quad Core, with a super-fast working efficiency of 3.6GHz. The laptop is designed for long-time usage with the 6-inch anti-glare window.

The laptop comes with a backlit keyboard and a fingerprint sensor. The graphic card has a size of up to 8 GB. The RAM again is 8GB DDR4 for the super-fast processing of data. The memory extends up to 1TB to store sufficient data.

The memory speed is 2400 MHz, to experience quality working on the laptop. Networking is also excellent in this laptop, with 802.11b/n/ac, to utilize the best available network. The operating system is windows 10 home, with an easy user interface.

The stylish slate grey color gives a perfect look to the system. With a flash memory size of 128 and a hard drive rotational speed of 5400 RPM, ASUS VivoBook is the best available system for security purposes. The battery is long-lasting, making it one of the energy-efficient laptops available in the market currently.


  • Better display size and quality
  • Processor count 4
  • 1 TB hard disk


  • Only 8 GB RAM
  • No Optical Drive


8. Asus TUF

Asus TUFThe ASUS TUF is among the best laptops available for cybersecurity in the market. The quad-core Processor enables unimaginable data processing by the system, and the Nvidia GeForce graphics gives a visual treat experience, by high-quality image processing.

The screen is also designed extensively for this purpose. The screen is 15.6 inches completely with step meant for High Definition imaging. The RAM is 16 GB DDR4, which is again the best aspect of data processing.

The Windows 10 Home operating system makes it a perfect combination with all the qualities mentioned above.

The Gigabit wave 2 Wi-Fi 5 picks up the best network to help enhanced network use efficiency. Networking is a prime aspect when it comes to cybersecurity, and this laptop has the best specifications that enable enhanced networking performance.

The design is slim and portable, with a durable MIL-STD 810 military standard. The keyboard is manufactured with 20 million keystroke durability to make sure it has a long life span.

The inner components have dual fans to keep the system cool, even when using it with maximum efficiency. The anti-dust technology is also present in these fans to maintain a clean system.

The entire RAM is 16 GB, whereas the Graphic Card alone has a RAM size of 6 GB. The USB ports and extended 1 TB Flash memory make this laptop more preferred. Get the best security system for your small business; it’s the ASUS TUF laptops.


  • Widescreen
  • 4 GHz processor
  • NVIDIA graphic processor
  • 16 GB RAM


  • No optical drive
  • Reviewed poor for battery life


9. Razer Blade 15

Razer Blade 15The Razer Blade 15 Gaming laptop is not just meant for Gaming, but also cybersecurity. The hard-working intel core i7 processor ensures large quantity data processing with high efficiency.

The GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q is meant for ultra-clear visualization. This, in combination with the 15.6-inch display, ensures high definition picture quality in all conditions.

The RAM is 16GB, which again helps in data processing. The keyboard is designed with customizations and chroma RGB setup. The coolest feature is the Biometric security system in this laptop, which is not available on most laptops of the same Cadre.

The system is designed with facial unlock, as well. The processor works at a speed of 4.1 GHz, which is the fastest among all other laptops. The graphic card RAM size is 8 GB, and the operating system is Windows 10 Home for a user-friendly interface. The flash memory size is 512.

The color is black to give it a stylish look. Though the seller warranty is available for all products, the manufacturer’s warranty is also extensively available to help with the maintenance and service.

The outer covering is both durable and sturdy made of CNC aluminum. The Razer blade 15 laptop has all the specifications required to choose it as the best laptop for cybersecurity.


  • 4.1 GHz processor
  • NVIDIA graphic co processor
  • 16 GB RAM


  • No optical drive


10. Asus Zenbook 13

Asus Zenbook 13Cybersecurity has become an inevitable component in all businesses, from small organizations to multinational corporations. Among the laptops brands available for Cyber Security, ASUS Zenbook 13 is among the top list that most people prefer.

The ultra-slim laptop has a 13.3-inch screen with a high definition quality to see with clarity. This also aids in working on the system for long hours. The processor is the next major component.

The Zenbook 13 has a super functioning Inter Core i7 processor, to give an unhindered experience. The speed of the laptop processing is up to 4.6 GHz. The RAM is 16 GB to help in fast storage and memory.

One unique feature of this laptop is a dual functioning touchpad, a touchpad with switchable numeric keypad, making it a perfect product for data entry.

The laptop is designed with extensive Built-in Infrared cameras for facial recognition. This makes sure your data is safe and protected. The outer body is both sturdy and durable.

With the ports available for HDMI and USB C type, connecting to other systems or devices is relatively simple. The Gigabit-class Wi-Fi 5 picks up the best network for faster and quicker work experience.

It also has a micro SD card reader for smooth data transfer. This makes the ASUS Zenbook 13 more reliable for cybersecurity.


  • 4.6 GHz processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Built-in IR for facial recognition
  • Easy connect ability


  • Smaller display

Best Laptop For Cyber Security – Your Pick?

You can now analyze and compare the products that are available in the market to get the best laptops to serve your purpose. Make a comparison after listing your needs. By comparing with the checklist of requirements and the available options, try to eliminate the ones that don’t meet your needs.

These essential factors rule out most of the laptops. Look for testimonials and customer reviews to select from the preferred options available. One major thing to be considered is the life of the product, warranty, and return policies for the product. The seller replacement is usually done for products that are delivered damaged.

Apart from this, all other faults found in the product are to be dealt with by the manufacturer’s warranty. The laptop with the best repair and post-purchase maintenance has to be preferred for purchase.

All this is a coalition if the parameters that you need to look for while making a purchase. By paying attention to all this, you can now get the best laptop in the market with ease. Purchase the best to make the best use. Take the right step towards a perfect cybersecurity system for your business with the best laptops.

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