Best Home Security Systems 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Arlo Pro 2. Blink 3. Nest

People go online to find the home security system that would allow us to feel secure when being home. There is a special need to be careful of your choice. There is nothing you can do to prevent intruders coming in, other than installing the best home security system. This will initially try to delay them for a while.

Sometimes, burglars can be discouraged by the presence of a best home security camera system and decide to abandon their cause. However, today intruders have developed special plans to get into your house and steal your belongings.

Lately, brands are competing with each other, creating their concept of the best security system the way designers perceive it. You can’t just avoid any professional burglar breaking into your premises, should he really plan to do it anyway. Best home security systems may give them a hard time when trying to intrude and actually increase their anxiety.


Instead of hiring special safety personnel, you should opt for the best home security, taking advantage of modern IT technology. The development of cameras and wireless networks has opened a new venue for the best self monitored home security system. You simply need to plug the right components to the right spots, and you are ready to go.

There are many solutions for you to create the best wireless home security system, starting with a mediocre investment. Time and money always play a certain role in your decision and there is a high chance you lack both. When you are living in a single house, you better opt for the best security systems you can afford to buy.

This is the time to analyze deeper into the special components of security systems. Usually, they have a unanimous architecture and functioning. Just get to know them better.

Why Is There A Necessity For A Home Security System?

The best way to protect yourself and your house would be to buy the best smart home security system. This will give you the chance to stay safer at home and protect your family against intruders. Not to mention, you can monitor your house, even when being remote.

Sometimes, you may have to leave your kids with the nanny at home. This will require you to have the best rated home security systems in order to feel safe. Children can be the most vulnerable part of the equation when burglars break into your house. There has to be a better way to look after them and ensure their safety when being at home.

Additionally, the necessity for the best home security system derives from our inner sentiment of insecurity. Everyone needs to keep an eye on their home to ensure it is against any threat. Modern best home security camera systems offer you the chance to get that peace of mind.

What Is The Best Home Security System?

Some people just prefer to get a dog to stay in their backyard and bark at thieves. This has been the traditional perception of what can be considered as the best home security system until the previous century. However, today the technological advancements have given you many new security systems to choose from.

Earlier, in the dawn of the 21st century, the best security system for home included only the alarm system. This alarm has been based on a set of sensors that were placed in any opening you may have in your house. Windows, doors and porches were major places where the sensors were attached to give information to the central unit.

However, that system was abandoned quickly due to false alarms occurring quite often. When the best wireless home security camera system came into life, older alarm systems simply went out of the equation. Today, you can have a set of cameras to detect any possible movement in your premises and the outside space.

The biggest drawback of the alarm system has been the cable issue. Most homeowners were reluctant in renovating their house according to the system’s needs. Miles of extra cables were needed to connect the sensors to the CPU. Accordingly, in case you had extra cameras, you certainly needed more cables to transmit the image and the sound.

Today, you can opt for the best home security system with cameras and be always positive that it would work properly. Cameras are wireless, and give you the option to mount them on any possible place, since no cables are necessary. The image and sound both come to the central processing unit where are recorded. Any possible move or threat is analyzed by the system and an alarm becomes apparent.

Variations Of Modern Home Security Systems

There are a lot of modern security systems that include wireless cameras and sensors for you to choose. However, DIY systems are always inferior to the pre-installed systems offered by a security company. This doesn’t mean that the former is not functionable, but it needs lots of fine tuning to actually operate well.

1. DIY Wireless Home Security Systems

They usually come as a package that includes all various components inside. These are far away from being perceived as the best security camera systems for homes, since it needs lots of tuning. The vast majority works with your tablet and smartphones, and gives you access to control through application.

DIY packs usually contain wireless cameras, movement sensors and wireless router adaptors. For many people who need basic coverage, this may seem like the best home security system they can afford. Being reliable and easy to install are their biggest advantages.

However, their ease of use and installation is not that easy to the eye – they lack the professional support, that you would expect from the best security systems. You can always have a self-monitored system, that you can operate only when you are leaving the house. This gives you a lot of flexibility to adjust the cameras operation to the right timing.

You may even pay a minimal fee to a security company and let them perform the surveillance. The rates would be substantially lower than the ones with the best rated home security systems which require constant payments.

To all the above advantages, you have to add some serious drawbacks which follow the DIY systems. First, you need to install the system all by yourself – challenging your abilities to do it right. Then, you will miss the professional 24/7 surveillance by experts that may cause you to look past a true red alert.

As you may realize, looking for the best home security system with cameras among DIY solutions may be tricky.

2. Professionally Installed Wireless Home Security Systems

They are usually bought as a complete service from well-established security companies. Technicians come to your premises and install the various components of the system to your house. Many of these companies have best security camera systems for homes and are advertising that to the public.

In case you are looking for the best home security system, you have finally found it. Those systems are always including 24/7 professional monitoring that comes as a separate service. They include not only the interior part of the house, but also your exterior areas . This gives you the chance to utilize best outdoor home security camera system and get used to its benefits.

Image coming through this network of cameras passes directly to the CPU and the control room. They have special alerts that trigger and police authorities are ready to interfere. The images from the cameras can come directly to your smartphone using a special application.

However, the worst thing with this kind of service is the long-time contracts you have to sign with security companies. Monthly fees are generally higher than with average DIY systems and any other best no contract home security system.

So, when you are taking the professional services, you are simply having another person to install the system for you. This is convenient for inexperienced homeowners, however it may cost you more on a monthly basis.

Then you will definitely need to sign a long-term contract with an online security company. They can absolutely provide one of a kind services and give you professional alarms according to the situation. But you will have to pay for it, and you cannot easily withdraw from the service.

Components Of A Basic Security System

When talking about the current best home security system, we have to distinguish the several components of it. There is no way you can have an advanced security system without the right number of sensors. These vary in size and energy consumption, and must be placed on any opening and sensitive place of the house.

Many people support the best monitored home security system (either DIY or installed by professionals) that include a processing unit. This may be a major issue for these systems, since the CPUs are today able to process images and check behavioral patterns.

In this way, the entry of a friend in your house will not trigger an alarm. On the other hand , when a burglar enters the house, his appearance and his moving pattern,will help determine a lot. The processor will be able to understand the emergency and create a silent or loud alert.

List of various components

An alarm should be more than the best wifi security system, accessing images and sound from your premises. All systems – either DIY or professional can have some mutual components like:

1. Contact Sensors

They can be attached to windows and doors, to alert you or the authorities when they open. This usually happens when you arm your system through the night. Sensors are easy operating devices, and are small sized. They work with light electricity and usually detect the closed or open position of a window by a simple circuit completion.

2. Motion Sensors

These sensors usually have the same compact size as the previous ones. They are attached to the highest corners of the walls and survey all the room. They detect motion and pass the information to the CPU.

Motion of small pets and flying objects are not perceived as an intrusion to your premises. However, if a man moves when the security system is armed, this may trigger an alarm.

They are generally less affordable than the contact sensors, but you need less of them.

3. Control Panels

Normally you can find them close to the main entrance of the house. The older security systems used to have them in a keypad form that required a 10-digit code. Modern systems are installing a touchscreen panel on your wall, where you can control the system.

This is the main controller of the system, and can show you the current status of your alarm.

A useful component that gives you a lot of freedom and access to remote parts of your security system. A connected stable to the power network and your WiFi router is the heart of your system.

4. Wireless Range Extenders

These are signal receivers that give life to the furthest sensors of your house. In order for the system to work properly, you need to have such devices to ensure full coverage.

Components Added To The Security System

However, the best home security system has a unanimous structure, and there are components to add on. These have evolved through the years to integrate all technologically advanced tools to give you increased security.

1. Surveillance Cameras

These are multiple normal 360 degrees range wireless cameras that connect to the WiFi commander of the security system. Normally, they react to any intruder activity, since they are relaying images to a complex software analyzing moving patterns.

2. Surrounding Environment Alarms And Sensors

Modern security systems are giving you protection against internal as well as external threats. Sensors for extreme temperature, fire and water leaks are present to offer you unique protection against any kind of danger.

The carbon monoxide alarms are life saving, since they can ring any time the odorless gas makes its appearance. On the other hand, when you are absent from your house the freezing alarm is on. Then you can give a signal to the central heating system to start bringing the temperature back to normal.

3. Glass Break Sensors

They are special electronic sensors that can detect the breaking of a glass window. This is important if you have a hearing impairment. You can easily detect the alarm triggered by intruders and inform the police authorities.

4. Garage Door Sensors

These sensors are connected to the central processing unit of the home security system. It can tell whether or not the garage door has been sealed, or an obstacle is in its way. This bypasses the burglars’ intention to intrude to your premises, through an obstacle to your garage door.

5. Panic Buttons and Bracelets

Finally, your security system can connect to a set of alarm panic buttons that can save your life when in danger. You can easily inform the system administrator about a special emergency you may experience in house. This is a great attaching component for your home security system, extremely useful to older people.

Timeframe Of Contracts For Professional Security Systems

The market standard timeframe to sign a contract for your best home security system ranges from 2 to 5 years. This is a long-lasting commitment that you will not be able to break or alter.

You should be opting for these kind of contracts, since you have the chance to lock a certain monthly fee level. This will give you the chance to have an always updated software for your image and sound processing.

Keeping security in its maximum level would enable you to get the most out of your investment. Stay secure in your house using the best combination of security systems and contracts with the relevant companies.

Home Security Systems Buying Guide

There is certainly a long list of things you should be testing when you look for the best home security system, compared to the time you want to invest. You should carefully check on them anytime you need to purchase a new security system.

1. Special Alert Type

Most of the competent home security systems, send special alerts to your smartphone or tablet. This happens anytime they detect special incidents happening in your premises. Text alerts are usually what is expected, but there may be others.

Some of the security systems can even call you when they detect somebody intruding in your house. A sound may also trigger a reaction, that sometimes can be an email, in case your smartphone is not directly accessible.

2. Battery Backup

When searching for the best home security system, you should opt for the ones that have a special energy backup. Burglars sometimes point to the central electric power system to deactivate the security system.

Hence, you better get the security system that can provide electricity to your cameras, sensors and CPUs. This will provide an excellent coverage against all external threats. Your security system will stay on – even in the case of a general blackout.

3. Face Identification

Modern security systems are giving you the chance to know who is visiting your premises. The image input is connected to a special software that can identify persons that are often visitors.

Some of them are identified as locals, but others who are unknown may trigger special alarms. This is helpful and gives you the chance to have an enhanced security to your house.

4. Mobile Applications And Memory Storage

A very sensitive part of a best home security system is the availability of storage to record the image and sound. This may be either a special hard disk drive, or a memory cloud in a server. However, this is really important to exist, since this is the heart of security measures.

Additionally, you may need to check whether or not your security system has a special mobile application to connect with. Since most of you are using smartphones, the existence of a special app to communicate with the security system is necessary. You can have real time images and sound from your house when you are absent and prevent all possible unlawful activities.

5. Night Vision

Most o modern security systems have cameras that enable night vision. This will give you the chance to check your premises during the night when you are absent. LED lighting is also an option for some camera systems, while the most expensive ones have infrared thermal pictures.

It is imperative to have a night vision system, if you want your cameras to reach their full potential. Otherwise, you will never feel secure when leaving your home at night.

6. Two-Way Audio

Highly sophisticated home security systems have an audio feature to give you sound from your house. However, technology has evolved to the point where you could also send audio to your cameras.

The audio and video could be transmitted through the web and play on the camera speakers to give potential burglars a direct threat. Knowing that somebody is watching them, intruders are most likely to abandon their efforts and leave your house. Two-way audio system is a smart evolution of a best home security system.

7. Wireless Range

There is a high chance you could buy your home security system and find that it’s not the right one for your house. Your cameras have a certain wireless range that cannot be exceeded with any other means.

The longer the wireless range, the best it is for the independence of your cameras. Since cables are omitted from modern security systems, you should think about buying the cameras with the longest wireless range.

Top 15 Best Home Security Systems  in 2020

1. Arlo Pro

Arlo Best Home Security SystemsThis is a perfect DIY home security system that can give you lots of benefits after initial installation. It has a central processing unit, that is connected to the internet using a special cable from your house phone infrastructure.

The set has 5 special night vision wireless cameras that all modern software on them for facial identification. You don’t even need to place new wiring for the sensors, since they are all cable free.

It can be combined with an experienced security surveillance company that offers memory storage. Most customers get the the 7-days cloud recording that keeps image and sound for a week, for free. This is more than enough to make your own recordings or identify illegal action in your premises.

The quality of image and sound provided is among the highest you have seen online. Manufacturers are really giving their best in this domain. Most customers require to identify people they enter their premises, so the crisp quality on screen is a major issue that is tackled.

Finally, this set is highly waterproof, so that the cameras can adjust to any external part of your house. This is important since the surrounding area is extremely useful to follow with your security system. This is one of the  best home security systems you can buy.


  • Has a special Alexa voice control for easy access
  • Works with rechargeable batteries that last for thousands of charging cycles
  • Offers you a 2-way audio to provide extra anxiety to the intruders
  • Highly weather resistant system that keeps on working under extreme temperatures


  • Spare parts in case of malfunction are not easy to find


2. Blink Home Security

Blink Home SecurityBlink home security system has been the provider of choice for middle class families with security awareness. Since this security provider company has been developed by Amazon, you can rest reassured that the whole system works properly.

The set comprises of 3 high-tech indoor cameras that can adequately cover all of your premises. This is important, since most of the homeowners need to be aware of who finally enter their homes.

Motion sensors, and special loud and silent alerts are there to ensure proper actions against intruders. Forget about cables, since the whole system works on a wireless basis. This happens thanks to the great CPU that is offered and connects to the wireless router. There you can see all the information passing through and getting optimized.

You can easily combine the home security surveillance feature for a minimal fee per month and feel extra relieved. The Blink security system can record and tap into the free cloud storage with unlimited memory space, virtually at no further costs.

This is the solution that all families on budget choose for their home security. Not to mention, you can always alter the positioning of the cameras in your house by simply relocating them. Batteries to operate the cameras are there and give you great independence in this aspect.

Sound and image are among the highest quality you can possibly find online. There is no chance you can go wrong with this set. This is one of the  best home security systems you can buy.


  • Affordable video monitor and security surveillance system
  • You can combine it with full time surveillance operation by third parties
  • Get free cloud storage for ever.
  • Easy to install in a matter of minutes, no expensive wiring is needed


  • Doesn’t provide a 2-way audio solution


3. Nest Home Security System

Nest Home Security CameraNest has been the greatest innovation for home security systems since the last decade. Recently its services have passed onto the Google store after their success in sales.. Nest is a company that gives you the technology of tomorrow, readily available to your house.

It has specialized in motion sensors, doorbell cameras and other surveillance systems and alarms that are truly the best in classThe whole system is wireless and works, either through the cable internet, or through a special 4G frequency. This is important, since the backup wireless frequency cannot be interfered with by any intruder that could locate the internet source.

Nest provides wireless cameras, both for indoors and outdoors. Their cameras can usually rotate at 360 degrees, covering the majority of your premises. They can work in an extremely wide range of temperatures, from freezing to hot weather with the same efficiency.

Audio is always provided, so you can keep a pulse on your house when you are absent. There is the possibility to ask for two-way audio, so that you can threaten the intruders to leave your premises immediately in case of breach of security.

On the other hand, there is always the chance to store the image and sound online in a cloud service for a minimal monthly fee. This is important, since memory is highly vulnerable and costly and is the only proof you will ever have of something occurring to your place. This is one of the  best home security systems you can buy.


  • Wireless system saves you money and time
  • Doorbell and smoke alarms to keep you safe in house
  • Can connect to the thermostat of your place so that you can adjust the temperature online
  • Gives you improved and updates information for your home status


  • Needs a monthly registration to the Nest website


4. Zosi 8CH Security Camera System

Zosi 8CH Security Camera SystemA real bargain when you finally decide to by a home security system. The ZOSI security system gives you a holistic solution to your security issues, whether you are inside or outside of your house.

It has a set of 4 powerful cameras with widescreen capture that can give you direct quality image of your house. The external part of your premises can also be surveilled using an external camera that is waterproof. The system is wired, so that you can always have direct access to the source, without any discrepancies to the wireless network.

The central processing unit is safely placed to a secure room in your house. This has a hard disc drive of 1 TB memory that can easily record at least a month of your daily surveillance. You can easily adjust it to erase the parts of the day where nothing happens and keep only active footage.

All ZOSI systems give you extra sound and image quality and that can be used as proof to the court of law. In case anybody intrudes to your premises, the system also has alarms to warn you and the police authorities.

The central processing unit has also some silent alarms that are sent to your email or smartphone. This happens so you can decide whether the threat is real, or just a false alarm and warn the police.


  • Less energy consumption since cables are on
  • Crisp image and sound quality
  • Cameras and sensors are easily mounted on any wall and opening
  • Detection zones and alerts can be customized by the user


  • Requires lots of wiring that is costly and can be breached


5. SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe Home Security SystemAnother great home security system provided by SimpliSafe, that is an online company specialized to this sector. The company has some of the most scrutinized procedures, to receive alarm signals from house and analyze them rapidly. This helps people in the monitor desk, decide whether or not this is a real threat or a false alarm.

The company gives you many cameras, motion and stable sensors as well as controllers to adjust to your house. All components are wireless for your ease. Cameras can be waterproof, so you can easily place them in your backyard to have image and sound from this area.

You can also customize your system the exact way you need it. Multiple cameras and sound recorders can be in one place where you need extra coverage. There is no need to sign any contract with the SimpliSafe company. However, the 24/7 surveillance is always valid as long as you use the company’s equipment.

All various switches and tools of SimpliSafe system are approved by the National Security Commission as safe and easy to use. The wireless components are all connected to the internet through a stable cable line that is hidden within in the house. It takes less electricity to operate them, compared to other competitors in the same class.

Overall, this has been the system of choice for all households that are looking for a value for money solution.


  • High fidelity of image and sound
  • Cameras and sensors are wireless for your ease
  • Affordable system than needs no long-term commitments
  • Many apparent and silent alarms are on for your safety


  • System is not working when the wireless network is disrupted


6. YI 4pc Home Camera

YI 4pc Home CameraThis is a great solution from t home surveillance experts that have evolved through the years to become the leaders in the market. YI camera system can offer total care for your house – no matter how big or small it may be. The set comprises of 4 different wireless cameras that are easy to mount on any wall.

They use rechargeable batteries that can be on for a long time. since the whole system works on energy preservation mode. The cameras have special audio recorders so that you can enjoy live camera coverage alongside with sound recording. Some of the latest editions also have 2-way audio.

There is also a special app created by YI and is free to download and install to your smartphone. This gives you the chance to control the home security system, even while away . You can easily receive alerts and regular images from your house in the time increments of your choice.

As far as the cloud storage is concerned, YI technology can give you unlimited memory space to their servers. This practically means, you can have a complete log of your house surveillance, organized in weekly sections for easy access.

A great system that offers you unique remote abilities and 24/7 home surveillance by an experienced team, with only a minimal fee.


  • High-end cameras that can cover all corners of your house
  • Alarms and sensors are in the package
  • Easy installation is valid for all various components
  • There is also an optional 24/7 emergency response service for only $4.99 per month


  • Works with remote wireless access that is vulnerable to cyber attacks


7. Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera SystemJapanese technology has once again made its miracle and is offering you the best home security system you could possibly ask for. Hiseeu company has been giving you quality information system networks for years now. It has decided to expand to home security systems, giving a firm response to the needs of modern households.

This system has 4 wireless waterproof cameras that can be mounted virtually anywhere in your house. They consume the least amount of energy and can even work with rechargeable alkaline batteries. A central processing unit is placed to a secure place in your house, so that you can have the image signal analyzed thoroughly.

There is a two-way audio system that can both record sound and send your voice to the speakers. The latter are included in the smart cameras so that you can keep a proper eye on your house.

The 4-channel camera system can expand to include 8 camera inputs, in case you need more specialized care for your place. A special application is available to download to your smartphone and have a direct access to the network from anywhere.

Special precautions have been taken to ensure that the system works even when the WiFi network is corrupted. There is no way you will feel unprotected with this modern wireless security camera system.


  • Expandable 4 to 8 camera input system
  • 2-way audio is there to serve all your needs
  • Night vision for cameras is also an option
  • Great storage place that can exceed 2 weeks in constant recording


  • Doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee


8. Vivint Smart Home Security System

Vivint Smart Home Security SystemVivint Smart Home system is the latest evolution of security planning that has never been introduced before. It is the best thing that can happen to your house. Upon its installation, it guaranteed to give you a safe environment.

The system gives you a total security approach, as well as a combined smart home handling. It has several cameras that connect wirelessly to the central processing unit. Special personnel can come to your place to study your needs and make a clear estimation about your equipment.

When the cameras are installed, you are ready to deploy your security system. These cameras are equipped with night vision, LED mode and can support dual audio system. They can be easily mounted to virtually any wall and give you superb quality of image and sound.

In addition, there is a central control unit, where all information from sensors and cameras arrive. This connects 24/7 to a specialized team in Vivint central control room, where all information is reviewed. This infrastructure connects to the police authorities, so that any illegal actions are directly dealt with.

Of course, Vivint is always there to show you the ever-changing conditions in your premises. With its remote abilities, you can adjust the heating system and keep an eye on your house when away. This is the new era that Vivint introduces to you.


  • Quick reaction to any illegal activity
  • Face recognition is a certain plus
  • Vivint also offers a useful mobile app to check everything from your smartphone
  • There is no need for long-term contracts


  • You cannot apply the same CPU to different houses (needs further customization)


9. HeimVision HM241 WiFi Security Camera System

HeimVision HM241 WiFi Security Camera SystemA great proposal from a company that has a long tradition in giving you some of the best home security camera systems you may find online. This Heim Vision camera system consists of a WiFi enabled CPU that controls the 4 cameras included. These cameras are the last word of the image and sound technology.

They can capture images, even in a blurry field of vision.. There is also the chance to monitor your place even if it is dark.. All sounds are recorded to the fullest extent, and you also have the option on talking into the speaker for better communication.

Not to mention, that the cameras can be easily installed to any possible place and need less power to operate. This feature offers you the chance to operate the cameras with rechargeable batteries that are easy to remove and replace.

This camera system has the option for displaying the output to view it real-time on your TV set, or even get recorded to the central processing system. A great mobile app is always there to download to your smartphone, and you can have direct access to your surveillance system. The main CPU has a great hard disk capacity, which can record weeks of image and sound activity.

Also, you can easily have access to a specialized 24/7 monitoring team, that helps in passing all alarms to the police department for extra security. This will cost you a minimal fee, but it is certainly worth the money invested.


  • Fast image capturing
  • Creation of loud and silent alarms
  • Face recognition software is enabled
  • Value for money choice


  • There is a contractual fee for 24/7 surveillance


10. Annke Home Security Camera System

Annke Home Security Camera SystemThis is the camera system of choice for people that are living in bigger houses. It has an eight-channel camera input that gives you a robust surveillance of your premises. These cameras have a perfect waterproof profile to stay intact even under heavy rain. Not to mention, the quality of image and sound are not affected by heat alterations during the day.

All cameras are equipped with a dual speaker audio system to give you the chance to talk to the person on the other side.

The central unit has a wired connection to the cameras and sensors which are placed on the doors and windows. All these information inputs can be filtered through a special software and generate alarms (loud or silent) to inform you and the local police authorities.

You are the master of this system, since you can connect wirelessly to the CPU inputs. This can happen with the use of a smart application downloaded to your smartphone. Then you will have remote access to all your cameras and sensors around your house.

ANNKE system gives you the security you need for you and your beloved ones when being home or away from it. The wiring process has an option to inform you, in case of breach of continuity. That practically means that any attempt to cut the cables will trigger a loud and silent alarm as well.


  • 8-channel cameras input for great security
  • Dual audio system to make you feel secure
  • 1 TB of memory storage can keep recording of nearly a month
  • Easy to navigate front panel menu


  • Consumes a lot more energy than the wireless systems


11. Xvim 8CH 4-in-1 720P DVR Security Camera System

Xvim 8CH 4-in-1 720P DVR Security Camera SystemThis is the security camera system of choice for most people that are in need for constant surveillance of their premises. It is an easy to purchase set, that can be installed even by non-experienced personnel. The CPU can host up to 4 cameras that can rotate 360 degrees, to give you image from any possible corner of your house.

Cables are used to create a CCTV system that connects to your TV sets and your central antenna. Hence,you have real time access to image and sound from any part of your place via your television. Additionally, the cameras are equipped with speakers, so that the dual-audio system is enabled to communicate.

The cameras have the highest image analysis in class, and come with a special facial recognition software. An application for mobile phones is also available upon purchase, to give you remote access to your cameras when being away.

Sensors, either motion-enabled or stable ones are included in the package and give you silent alerts, anytime somebody attempts to breach the security. Night vision is also included in the initial package. For a small fee, you can also add the 24/7 surveillance that comes as an additional feature for the security system users.

Overall, this is a system that gives you the most for the less money investment.


  • Pre-installed 1 TB memory, to give you the chance of long-term mind free recording
  • Instant loud and silent alerts are created any time a sensor is breached
  • Comes with a limited 30-days guarantee
  • Can give you email alerts when any incident comes into the system’s attention


  • Needs more room to place the CPU and the sensors than other competitors


12. All In One Security Camera System

All In One Security Camera SystemThe most innovative wireless camera system has finally come to be your disposal. It is easy to install in any house, and can give you direct information about what is going on in your place. Its innovation has been the embedded 10.1 inches monitor that you can take it with you when getting out of the house.

This monitor has all the pre-installed drivers and applications to have a direct connection to the CPU all the time. You just need to have it with you, and you will get direct image from your cameras and sound from their speakers. There is also the chance to enjoy a twin-way voice control that enables you to talk to intruders. This is a smart way to make them leave right away.

Additionally, the cameras have LED and infrared technology to work in complete darkness. The smart monitor can also give you alerts of any possible change in the status of your home security system.

Not to mention, it requires less cables than other system and consumes half the energy compared to others in the same category. Get this security system and you will never regret it.


  • Economic use – needs less cables to install to your premises
  • Cameras have the clearest analysis, compared to competitive offerings
  • 10-inch mobile screen is there to give you all the information you need
  • Secure and silent alarms are generated to keep you informed all the time


  • There is no option to connect it to the local police authorities


13. Xvim 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home Outdoor

Xvim 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home OutdoorA classic approach for the CCTV system that can keep you secure all the time when being at home. You can mount it on any wall and start viewing the clear images that the 4 cameras set will relay to you.

You don’t need an expensive wireless network to operate this security set. You just need to connect the cameras to the CPU. Then you need to place the static and motion sensors to your doors and windows – and that is all. Sensors and cameras will send direct messages to the CPU that is responsible to create a signal.

False alarms are not easy to be created, since there are a lot of operational filters. The image from the cameras is combined with sensor information, and there is a chance a silent alarm can be triggered. The system will automatically send you an email or SMS to let you take the situation in your hands.

You can easily connect to the CPU system via your smartphone, enabling an application downloaded there. Then you can check your house by yourself and either do nothing, or call the local police authorities to ask them to interfere.

Overall, it is a high-quality CCTV camera system that has an excellent remote connectivity.


  • Cameras are water and weather-proof
  • You can enjoy the best sound and image quality
  • There is also a great memory capacity (1TB) to keep all your records there
  • Silent alarms are sensitive to motion in your house, keeping you always alerted


  • Need experienced personnel to install the sensors


14. Frontpoint Security System

Frontpoint Security SystemThis is by far the best home security system you have ever seen online, thanks to its unique operations and features. We are talking about an umbrella system that covers all functions in your house on a 24/7 basis.

Not only are security services offered, but you also have the chance to regulate all functions in your house. From opening the windows, to turning the heating system on – Frontpoint can easily do for you.

In terms of security, the system works with a numerous set of cameras that work according to your special needs. Every camera set is customized, since no house is the same as any other. There is also the chance to have a dual audio control to listen to everything that happens in your premises.

The system works under harsh weather conditions, and there is always a team working behind the scenes, monitoring your house. This is a contractual offer where you invest a small monthly fee, to get some of the most specialized security services.


  • Holistic approach to the home security network of your dreams
  • Limitless number of cameras around your place
  • An expert team to create alarms when security is breached
  • Great remote access through a specialized smartphone application


  • Less affordable than other solutions


15. LifeShield Home Security System

LifeShield Home Security SystemWhether you are a novice or an expert when it comes to security systems, this complete home care solution will give you all the solutions you need. LifeShield offers you a basic package of home surveillance kit that you can further customize to meet your needs.

A set of 4 cameras is the basic plan, alongside with the CPU controller and the motion sensors. Windows and doors are secured with contact sensors, so that you feel confident regarding the security of your home.

All major components are wireless. You can even check the cameras with remote access, using the smartphone application – which is included in the initial package. An experienced team of employees is available to analyze any situation coming to the control room for a minimal monthly fee.

When you are choosing LifeShield for your home security, you are getting the latest in technology. Enjoy a new era of calm and safety in your premises.


  • Great remote access for people who are constantly away from their home
  • Cameras can work under any weather conditions
  • Access to your network directly by a touchpad
  • Silent and loud alarms are generated to make you feel extra secure


  • Cannot work outside of a contractual basis


Home Security Systems FAQ

1. What is the meaning of home automation?

Home automation is a service where you can regulate and control functions of all systems in your house, remotely. This is not hard to achieve with modern mobile data networks and online applications.  Your home security system can easily connect to these applications and add on to your home automation.

2. How can we distinguish wired from wireless security systems?

Wired systems work using cables to connect the various components of the home security system. However, these can be abused by potential intruders and give them the chance to deactivate the security alarms.

With latestwireless security systems, you can achieve the connectivity of each component through a wireless data network. This gives you lots of freedom when being away from home to realize if something is going wrong. Burglars cannot easily find the source of your network connection, and thus it’s almost impossible to shut the security system down.

3. How fast can home security systems notify the police authorities?

Usually, the police can be warned in a matter of minutes after the breach of a security system.

Most of the companies will try to contact you when the alarm is on. In this case you will take full responsibility to call the police. On the other hand, in case they cannot find you, they will immediately call the local police authorities so that an incident would be raised for officers to check.

4. Are false alarms preventable?

False alarms are a usual drawback of all modern security systems. Since most monitoring systems have flaws, it is inevitable to receive multiple false alarm through the year. Cameras can give you a clear view of your place and reduce the chance to call the police authorities with no proper reason.

In this case, you can always expect the best home security system to act like a defensive shield for your premises.

5. What if somebody hacks my home security system?

There is the possibility for some malicious experts to hack your wireless home security system. This is not a regular occurence, since security companies are constantly changing their interfaces and passwords. All these actions are done to ensure you are the only owner of the information taken and recorded by your wireless cameras.

In case of an intruder coming into your network, the security company can monitor the situation and give you the chance to press charges against him.

6. Can professional monitoring enhance my home security system?

Absolutely yes. Professional monitoring offers you special treatment and attention by the security companies. You will have many sets of eyes monitoring your premises. These companies are always respecting your privacy and act only in cases of security breach.

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