Best Door Locks For Home Security 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Schlage BE365 2. Schlage FE595VCAM619AC 3. Schlage Z-Wave
Schlage BE365 CAM 609 Camelot Security Door Lock Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot Keypad Security Door Lock Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen

In today’s smart and digital world, people are surrounded by many technologies. They customize their homes with digital appliances to make them smart and stylish. Now, security is one of the essential factors and need to be considered.

A smart lock is much needed in your smart, digitally-connected secure home. These locks are not only open and close the door but also monitor the people entering and leaving your home in your absence. Here, we will go through the best door locks for home security.


Some innovative models can open and close doors using your smartphones. Some can be unlocked using voice commands or triggers. These door locks are manufactured with advanced technologies that will mesmerize you. You need to make sure of some essential things before buying a smart lock.

Firstly, you need to check your budget to get a traditional lock as they are expensive as compared to standard door locks. The price depends on the features provided by the company. We will talk about the best security locks with its features, pros, and cons. Before that, you must know the types of smart door locks and things to consider before buying it.

Benefits Of Smart Door Locks

Nowadays, many people are showing interest in purchasing smart security door locks. Now, it is easy to increase the security of your house with high and advanced technology. According to some people, it is an expensive device, and it can protect their home in the same way as the traditional lock does. But, they do not know the benefits of smart door locks. Here, we will discuss some exciting advantages of electronic door locks.

1. Increased Convenience

The significant advantage of these door locks is to prevent lockouts, which helps in increasing the convenience of smart locks. You can use your smartphone and install the specific application by the company to control its locks and its other functions. These door locks help in eliminating the need for physical keys that are used to lock traditional locks. You can sit anywhere in your house and operate the lock functions without going anywhere.

2. Security Improvement

Every smart lock provides passwords that are unique access coded. It is easy to create, add, or delete from the door lock. You can easily manage and track whosoever is entering your home or crossing nearby. You can also combine your door locks with smart doorbells. It can generate alerts and provide more security as well as functionality like alarming the security system, which is dependent on the way doors are locked. These smart door locks are manufactured with innovative technologies that can handle a two-way audio conversation with the visitors or strangers by using an intercom system. Some door locks have attached cameras that can help you to watch and verify the person at the door. You can also get notifications or alerts whenever any visitor arrives at the door.

3. Heightened Connectivity

You can integrate your smart door lock into the security system. It can increase the connectivity between all the devices. You can program these locks to protect your home. You can also attach video cameras for continuous surveillance. A user can check the status of the person who is opening the door every minute. It is easy to control the entire settings of your smart locks with the help of smartphones. You can receive all the relevant notifications and alerts on your phone. You can also attach security alarms that are programmed in such a way that it makes an alarm sound whenever the smart lock has tampered. Such a door lock is an essential home security component. Your house is incomplete without that. It can protect your family from many crimes.

How Do Smart Door Locks Work?

There are best door locks for home security. You can use specific technologies to connect the door locks like Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave, and WiFi. There are many advantages of smart security door locks.

1. Access Codes

You can lock and unlock the security door lock by access codes. Different types of devices offer such a feature.

  • By an Application: Some door lock companies provide an application to be installed on your smartphone. You can lock and unlock by entering the access code in the app. You can authorize and control the door lock by your phone.
  • In-build Keypads: In some smart locks, there are physical buttons or touchscreen keypads in which you have to enter the code directly to unlock the door.
  • Add-on Keypads: This device is attached near the door, which is synced to the lock directly. When you add the authorized code, it will open the lock.

2. Remote Locking

This feature allows you to lock the door from anywhere near it. The connectivity of the door lock depends on the range of the lock.

  • Bluetooth: You can control and access some security door locks within a less range.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi: The add-on WiFi will automatically connect to the router. The range is comparatively more massive than the Bluetooth range. You can access the lock in your giant house.
  • Only WiFi: You can access the door lock from anywhere you get the WiFi connection.
  • Zigbee/Z-Wave: This depends on the smart home hub, which needs to be attached separately from the home router. You need to spend more to install it. After the router connection, you can access it from anywhere with WiFi.

3. Video Camera And Interaction

Some smart locks come with the video camera to control the door lock as well as monitor the nearby activities. There is a two-way audio connection with the camera, which allows you to talk to the person outside the door. After confirming the person’s identity, you can open the door from a remote location.

  • In-build Camera in Door Locks: Few locks have a built-in video camera.
  • Integrate Separate Camera: Some companies combine with the locks with their separate video cameras to control both a camera as well as a lock.
  • The separate camera of Different Company: Some door locks include third-party video security cameras to show the nearby activities and to connect two services in a single application.

4. Voice Control And Integration Of Smart Hub

These security locks are controlled by the voice assistants like Mac Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. from your smartphone and smartwatch.

  • Only Bluetooth: You can control the door lock by voice control feature in a small range.
  • Bluetooth with add-on WiFi/Only WiFi: If you are connected with WiFi, then you can use voice control feature in a big range.
  • Zigbee and Z-Wave: You can use voice control using the smart home hub integrated applications

5. Geo-fencing And Auto-lock

You can lock and unlock the door lock with two different features.

  • Unlock Hands-free: The proximity or touch unlock feature allows you to run the application on the background and helps you in accessing the lock quickly.
  • Lock Automatically: Many door locks support an auto-locking feature that can automatically lock the door in the customized time.

6. Other Unlock Options

There are many other features of smart door locks:

  • You can access the lock using a fingerprint or biometric.
  • You can use Bluetooth to communicate with the door, which is also known as Key Fob.
  • You can use a traditional way of swiping NFC or RFIC cards to open the door.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Door Lock For Home Security

Smart door locks are indeed comparatively more expensive than the traditional locks. You need to install a good quality lock because security is the primary goal of the person. You should check for some factors to choose the suitable one from the best door locks for home security.

1. Type Of Smart Locks

There are two types of locks: keypad and touchscreen. In Keypad locks, there are push-buttons from 0 to 9 in numerics. You can lock and unlock using the keypad. On the other hand, the touchscreen opens the door with fingerprint or biometric technology. Some locks come with a touchscreen keypad with alphanumerics to type and unlock the door. If there is any malfunction in the fingerprint, then backup codes can help in opening the door.

2. Passage Or Master Code

There are two types of codes that you can save on the keypad door locks. The master code can be used to set all the passage codes that can be distributed to the users.

3. Customized User Codes

The master code is known to every person in the family or an organization. But, each one can set his customized code for the time of entry. These custom codes can unlock the door on specific days and times.

4. Automatic Door Lock

The electronic door lock can lock the door within few seconds automatically. There are no security issues with such locks. Like traditional door locks, you need to check the door lock every time you leave your place. But, this lock can automatically shut and close the door.

5. Battery And Lifespan

Smartlock is the device that is operated on power. Therefore, you need batteries or power supply to activate smart locks. The battery can be in use for a year, with only 15-20 entries a day. You need to change the batteries timely for eternal security.

6. Fitting Of Smartlock On Both Left And Right Side

This convenience factor is important to consider. You need to ensure that the SmartLock should be installed on both sides of the door.

7. WiFi Remote Connection

If you have a WiFi connection, then you should connect WiFi with the door lock. After connecting it, you can access your door from anywhere across the world. The SmartLock and camera both are synced with your smartphone.

8. Connect Smartphone With Smart Lock

If the door lock is connected to your smartphone, then you can check the status of the battery, lock count per day, the condition of the lock and unlock the door, etc. You can operate the lock through your smartphone with a Bluetooth connection.

9. Colour Choice

There are many available colors of door locks like Chrome, Brass, Gold, or Black. You can match the door lock with your home look and feel.

10. Sliding Cover

It is one of the essential things to purchase. A sliding cover can protect your door lock from the weather conditions. The smart door lock is an electronic device that should not be exposed to raindrops, sunlight, or snow.

11. Grade Specification Of Smart Lock

It is essential to purchase a standard smart door lock. You should look for ANSI standard, i.e., Americal National Standard Institute with various grades in which the consideration is like: Grade 1 – Best, Grade 2 Better, and Grade 3 – Good. There are ten hammer blows, 250,000 open-close cycles, and projection of one inch in the frame of the door. In Grade 2 and 3, there are lesser hammer blows and open-close cycles.

12. Outside Activity Notification

The SmartLock helps in monitoring the activities going on outside the home. Some devices push notification whenever a person enters or leaves home. This feature can be helpful for parents who want to monitor their kids.

Top 10 Best Security Door Locks

1. Schlage BE365 CAM 609 Camelot Security Door Lock

Schlage Best Door Locks For Home Security

This Schlage series with an electronic keypad lock can keep people and property safe. This product has an ANSI Grade 2 rating with a variety of styles, colors, and designs. This product is intensively tested to achieve the ANSI grade level. It is a sturdy electrical keypad lock with premium durability and performance.


  • Easy Installation: You can install the BE 365 lock model of Schlage. There is no need to handle any wires or do an extreme level of programming.
  • You can use the device. You need to enter the security code, and your home door is closed safely and securely.
  • Create Unique Codes: If you want to allow some trustworthy people in your home, then you can create unique codes for them. They can be your friends, colleagues, or even family members. This device can create and save 19 entry codes.
  • Reset Access Codes: If you have given access to any specific person and he is no longer in touch with you, you can easily change the access codes.
  • High Battery Life: This feature makes this device one of the best door locks for home security. It has an excellent battery life. It has a lifespan of 3 years. If suddenly, your battery goes down, then also, there is no need to worry as you won’t be locked inside of your home.
  • Unusual Appearance: It has a sleek and modern design with excellent finishing. It is not only good in appearance but also high in working.


  • You are buying a quality product as the material of the device is quite durable.
  • The electronic part of the lock is safe and resistant to rain.
  • This device offers three years of warranty with a lifetime guarantee of hardware and finishing.
  • It is convenient to remove and reset access codes.


  • The company ensures battery lifespan of 3 years, but still, it is essential to replace the battery within the expiring period to avoid getting locked out.

2. Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot Keypad Security Door Lock

Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot Keypad Security Door Lock

This Schlage door lock manufactured in Mexico allows a user to lock by the access code or unlock by just rotating the lever. It is suitable for garage entry doors, storage rooms, home offices, etc. This model comes with ANSI Grade 2 certification.


  • Lock Style: This door lock includes a keypad for access code and a lever to pull downside to lock and unlock.
  • Door Lock Suitability: This security door lock model is suitable for garage entry doors, computer rooms, home offices, utility rooms, etc.
  • No Requirement of programming: There is no need for high-level programming. You need two user codes to open and close the lock.
  • Reversible lever: There is a reversible lever to use with the doors that can be opened by either the right-hand or left-hand side.
  • Simple Installation: There is no requirement of wiring as 9 V of battery is attached in it.
  • 6-digit Programming Code: A user can add or delete user access codes with the help of a 6-digit code.


  • You can rely on this device because it is durable and sturdy.
  • You can use multiple access codes to lock and unlock the door.
  • It is easy to read the keys on the device.


  • The keys of the device are small in size. It is possible that when you press the keys, it may press any other key and deny your access.



3. Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen

It is the best security lock with smart features. This lock can help you when your hands are full of luggage, and you need to open the door with the least efforts. This smart door lock helps you to open the door by entering the passcode without any physical key.


  • Motorized Bolt: This feature allows you to unlock the door automatically when you enter your passcode. It also automatically close the door after you enter or leave the door.
  • Built-in Alarm: This alarm technology helps in detecting the movements and sounds. It releases an audible alert to provide notifications to the people living in that place. You can also set the beep sound of the alarm whenever you open or close the door.
  • Weather-resistant: This door lock is water-resistant as well as heat-resistant. The device has a protecting layer that saves the device from water damage and high temperature.
  • Touchscreen keypad: There is a touchscreen keypad with lights to type the passcode smoothly. This device can save and manage 30 user access codes.
  • Easy programming: There is a programming code on this lock. To open the door, you need to unlock the programming mode. You can also add access codes, change the access settings, and delete the existing codes.
  • Z-Wave Technology Compatible: You can connect your device with smart hub devices like smart lights and connected doorbells.
  • Certification: The smart door lock is certified as ANSI Grade 1. It is the highest grade, which means that the project should be considered as best.
  • No Wiring Required: You can install this device easily with only a screwdriver. It will take only 20 minutes to install the equipment by following the step-by-step instructions. It can fit in any door.


  • The device is made up of solid material.
  • The operation of locking and unlocking is very smooth.
  • There is a support of Alexa in this device.
  • It is ANSI Grade 1 certified.


  • This electrical device is a bit bulky, and it can be tough to install this device by the beginners.
  • here is inconsistent and undetailed logging.

4. SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob

SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob

This door lock comes with an adjustable latch backset. It is simple to assemble the lock with the help of instructions. It is a smart lock. Check out some more exciting features of this product.


  • Fantastic Design: The handle and the lock have a sleek and trendy design. It is a preconception that these devices are made for industrial use, but, it suits any home door.
  • Easy to Assemble: You can put the parts of the lock together yourself. The components of the device are self-explanatory, and the instruction manual will guide you as well.
  • Master Access Code: You can create one master lock number. You are allowed to develop eight crucial different access codes. You can still control the lock. You can provide your family, friends, and neighbors with different access codes.
  • Install in Traditional Lock: This lock can be fit into a standard door lock. Now, this is a great feature. You can take a crucial standard-sized lock and then install the kit.
  • Auto-lock Feature: In this door lock, after entering the code, within 3 seconds, the handle will reset automatically. It provides excellent security after you leave the door.


  • It is easy to Set up the lock with the help of the instruction manual.
  • There is an auto-lock feature that can close the door within 3 seconds from the outside
  • Whenever the battery gets down, the lock gives the warning to change the batteries.


  • Keys become unresponsive after a year.

5. Ultraloq UL3 BT Touchscreen Smart Lock

Ultraloq UL3 BT Touchscreen Smart Lock

Your smartphone is a key to use the Ultraloq application. You can monitor people coming in or going out due to a detailed log. If you knock four times on your phone, then the door will unlock automatically. It is the best door lock for home security which provides ease-of-use and versatility.


  • A new generation of Keyless: It is a smart lever lock, which is a real Keyless lock with maximum flexibility and convenience. You can use fingerprint, access code, key, or your smartphone to unlock. To open the door, you have to knock your phone.
  • Fingerprint or Biometric Identification: The fingerprint of every person is unique. You can use a scratch proof, waterproof, and dustproof sensor to unlock the door quickly. You can enroll only 95 fingerprints.
  • Knock/Shake You Phone to Open the Door: There is no need to open the application on your smartphone. You knock your phone four times (for iOS) or Shake or wake up the screen of your smartphone (For Android only) to unlock your door.
  • Anti-peep Password: You can use an Anti-peep password to ensure no one can steal your password. This function helps in typing any random, and gaining access when one correct password is saved.
  • Battery Life of 1 Year: The door lock is attached to AA batteries with access to 8,000 times. The OLED display and app show the low battery alerts
  • Sensors: When you put your finger near the touch keypad or fingerprint reader, then this device will activate automatically.


  • It can save up to 95 fingerprints, which means 95 codes.
  • The device has a single latch operation.


  • Sometimes the app becomes little glitchy.

6. Swagtron TurboLock Keyless Smart Lock Keypad

Swagtron TurboLock Keyless Smart Lock Keypad

This door lock is weatherproof and can be used for a long time. It is safe to use a durable security door lock than change the standard lock again and again. Check out some exciting features of this product.


  • Keyless Convenience: You can save ten access codes in which one master code, one passage code, and eight user codes with length 6 to 15 digits. You can also generate a temporary code that can be given to the guests or friends.
  • Simple to Install: The device takes very little time to install on the door. You have a screwdriver and a few minutes to install it. This lock can fit on both left and right-hinged doors.
  • Auto-lock Function: There is an auto-lock feature that provides excellent security to your place. The door will automatically close within three seconds after you leave the door.
  • Weatherproof Materials: This door lock is designed so that it is durable in all types of weather— the weather-sealed components help in preventing dust and dirt from entering into the lock.
  • Battery Backup And Installation: The door lock works on 4AA batteries to provide good battery backup. It can last up to 12 months. It is easy to install and replace the batteries if it goes down.


  • The device is simple to install with the help of a screwdriver.
  • There is an auto-lock feature that can close the door within a few seconds after you leave the door and hence, ensure security.
  • There is an excellent feature to backup the battery.
  • The design of this device is attractive and durable.


  • It sometimes does not work in cold weather.

7. Kwikset 99070-101 Powerbolt 2 Door Lock

Kwikset 99070-101 Powerbolt 2 Door Lock

This device is 1-touch locking motorized deadbolt, which comes at an affordable price. It is easy to install and operate on 4 AA batteries. It is designed with a polished brass finish that enhances the traditional looks of the product.


  • SmartKey Security: This feature helps in protecting your home against any break-in. It allows you to reopen the lock in a few seconds.
  • Electronic Keypad: You can operate this Deadbolt device with the help of an electronic keypad or an outside key and turning the thumb inside.
  • Keyless: There is no need for lockouts or hiding keys under the mats and other places. Now, you can use a keyless method to open and close the door.
  • Access Codes: You can save up to 6 access codes for your family, friends, and guests.
  • Alarm: You can add beep sounds after five consecutive entries and also deactivate the keypad for 45 seconds.
  • Master Code: You can also enroll the master code to increase the security of the house. If any of the access code is missed or forgotten then, also you can open the door using the master code.
  • Easy to Install: This door lock device is simple to install. It takes a few minutes and a screwdriver to attach this security lock with the door.
  • Temporary Code: You can create a temporary access code for the entry of a single person for one time. The person with a one-time access code can be a contractor, dog walker, etc.
  • Warranty: This device comes with a lifetime warranty for one year.


  • This device is ANSI Grade 3 certified, which is a good option for door security.
  • This door lock looks fantastic, sleek, and modern.
  • The installation of the device is effortless by following the instruction manual.


  • Some of the components of this device are made up of plastic.
  • It is a tough task to remove the battery.

8. TurboLock Keyless Electronic Keypad Entry Door Lock

TurboLock Keyless Electronic Keypad Entry Door Lock

Are you looking for one of the best door locks for home security? You can go through the features of Turbo Lock to check its durability and reliability for long-time access. After installation on your doors, you may feel that this is one of your best decisions.


  • Keyless Feature: You can create and save only ten access codes with one master, one passage, and eight other access codes. You can also create a temporary code for your guests and friends.
  • Simple Installation: You can save your time by installing this device in very little time. A screwdriver is what you need. This lock can be attached to both left and right-hinged doors.
  • Auto-locking: If you forget to lock the door, there is no issue. This device will automatically close your door.
  • Weatherproof Components: This device is designed in such a way that it can resist all weather conditions. You can also clean the metal body of the device.
  • Backup: For backup option, you can use smart batteries of 4AA. There is a port to attach the cells that can last longer for about 12 months. It is easy to install and replace the batteries when it runs out.


  • This door lock is easy to install with the help of a screwdriver.
  • There is no issue if you forget to lock the door. Its auto-lock feature ensures security and closes the door automatically in a few seconds.
  • You can use a smart battery backup.
  • The design of the device is beautiful and durable.
  • This door lock comes at an affordable price.


  • This device is not suitable for winters.

9. Schlage FE575 PLY 626 ELA Door Lock

Schlage FE575 PLY 626 ELA Door Lock

The Schlage product can control the door entry of your home quickly and securely. This lock is specially designed and finished in Satin Chrome. Many features are must go through.


  • Brand Quality: The well-known Schlage is famous for its quality. This company is a residential and commercial grade seller of deadbolt locks.
  • Easy Installation: You can install this door lock. You need a screwdriver and a few minutes to attach this security lock on the door. You can fit this lock on the door of any size.
  • Program the Lock: After installing the lock, you can also program a few settings. You can change the pre-programmed code by yourself.
  • Keyless Operation: The primary benefit of this door lock is that it is keyless, which means that it can open or close the door without any key. If you know the access code, then you also create the other 19 user access codes. It is suitable for a large family as well as small offices.
  • Add/Delete Access Codes: You can add as well as delete access codes with a simple process. If any staff member leaves your office, you can remove his access code and create new access codes for new employees.
  • Durability: This lock is ANSI Grade 2 certified, which means it is sturdy and durable. There is a lever in this lock that rotates during the lock and prevents it from any damage. Also, this door lock is weatherproof and can be exposed to any weather conditions like rain, snow, or extreme heat. This device lasts for many years, and there is no fading of numbers or luster because it is corrosion-resistant.
  • Battery And Memory of Flash: This Schlage lock consumes less power. It requires a 9 V alkaline battery that can last for several years. When power is low, this door lock will provide notification by beeping and flashing red lights. Relatively simple operation with a “bump key” and gain access to your home.


  • The quality of the product is excellent and fabulous.
  • It is easy to install this door lock with the help of the instruction manual.


  • There are no remote access functions in this door lock.

10. Haifuan Digital Security Door Lock

Haifuan Digital Security Door Lock

Haifuan is known for its manufacturing door locks for the left-hand side. This model is an electronic and keyless model with backup keys. The Haifuan is a Bluetooth device to manage the lock with the help of your smartphone using code or keys.


  • Unlock Door with Remote Control Feature: You can open the door using M1 Card, pass Code or physical key, voice Navigation, etc.
  • Add 1020 Users: You can use create 1020 passkeys in this device. It is suitable for large companies. It is simple to add as well as delete the access codes in simple steps. You can add a maximum of 100 codes, 120 remote control users, and 800 cards.
  • Standard Latch: This package of this product includes one remote control with a battery of 27A 12V, 2 M1 Cards, and 3 Metal Keys.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation: This door lock is easy to mount and install on both sides of the door using the video guide. You can re-program the lock by pressing the reset button in the lock.


  • A video guide is provided with the instruction manual. It helps in easy installing of the device with its settings.
  • The device beeps when the battery becomes low.


  • There are no color and model options.

Best Door Locks For Home Security – Your Pick?

There are many best door locks for home security, but choosing the suitable one is the toughest job. After going through these details, you got an idea about the specifications you should look before buying a security door lock for your home or your office. It is a one-time investment, and it is more expensive as compared to the traditional locks. Therefore, it is essential to buy a relevant product for yourself.

As you read, you will be informed about the top best security door locks with detailed features, advantages, and disadvantages. These door locks do save your home from burglars. If anyone tries to peep into the door without a key or an access code, then the sound can be generated from the device to alert you.

With advanced technologies, you can remotely access your door lock using your smartphone. You can use technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. to connect your device with the door lock. You can sit anywhere in your house and open the door without any effort. The door locks come in different colors with the excellent quality of the material.

Your smart home is incomplete without a smart door lock. It works more efficiently than the traditional types of locks. There are many features and benefits of such locks. A smart door lock not only protects your home but also notify every movement going on outside your home. Many offices with crucial data are so much concerned about security. So, they look for options that provide exceptional security and safety. Therefore, they opt for smart door locks.

It is your choice to select from the best door locks for home security lock after considering your requirements and needs. All the mentioned door locks come at an affordable price. Now, it is your decision to make a wise choice.

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