Best Budget Security Camera Systems 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Zosi 2. Annke 3. Xvim

An increasing number of criminal activities and the thefts have increased the need for security camera systems to a greater extent. These cameras provide live footage over the internet. You can also save the footage. You can monitor nearby areas and keep an eye on your property. Many best budget security camera system have turned out to be admissible evidence in the court, and have helped in many cases in charging the accused.

Crime is one of the reasons for the increasing need for these cameras. They provide a sense of security and peace of mind to the owners that, in case of any criminal activity, they will have proper evidence. The camera also affects the criminals psychologically, and when they spot a camera, the chances are very high that criminals drop the idea of the execution of any unethical activity that they planned.


The trend of security cameras is getting more and more common. Since the past decade, security cameras have reached the households from the offices and industries. The installed cameras are both wired and wireless. A range of best inexpensive security cameras are available online as well as offline market. The wireless cameras offer the functionality of installing them literally anywhere, but the wired ones provide excellent security and lower the risk of hacking.

Benefits Of Security Camera

These cameras turn out to be most beneficial for businesses. They provide a simple way to monitor and provide a safe office environment for employees. These cameras are also a great tool in curbing sexual harassment cases. You can maintain security in homes, even when you are not there.

1. Monitoring Of Activities

A range of best budget security camera system is available in the market for you to choose for its installation in your property. These cameras provide the feature that lets you monitor the feed from anywhere in the world. You can’t be somewhere all the time. In offices, these cameras are an excellent tool for the management to keep an eye and maintain the proper functioning of the office.

Even the budget cameras now come with the feature of motion-sensors. The camera starts recording when it senses any motion, and it helps in saving a lot of space of unwanted footage. The camera also sends alerts whenever it notices any movement.

2. Decline The Risk Of Crime

Human psychology is very complex and applies to criminals as well. When there is a camera, the crime rate deteriorates a lot. The fear of being watched while executing a crime overrides the instinct of a criminal. In offices, cameras can detect the employees and trespassers – hence keeping a general eye on activity.. Installing any of the best affordable security cameras will make sure that the office property is being monitored, and nobody takes it.

Any brawl that took place between the employees or within the premises cannot be trusted without solid proof. If needed, your security camera can be a massive part of any significant investigation.

3. Maintaining Records

The cameras help in maintaining a record that to cross-check whenever needed. There is no tampering that can happen with the evidence that these cameras provide. The records that these cameras keep are very helpful in solving disputes and coming to a correct and unbiased decision.

If you have decided to install a security camera, it is recommended that you must go through all the points and then finalize the purchase.

Types Of Security Camera

The security level of our lives has increased a lot. Thanks to these best budget outdoor security cameras. Different scenarios needs different features. There is a whole set of camera units that are unique in their way and are suitable for different scenarios. The types of security or surveillance cameras are:

1. Dome Style Camera

The most common type of surveillance cameras are dome cameras. The unique quality of these cameras is that you can’t tell the recording side of the camera. It provides 360-degree security to the installed place.

2. Bullet Camera

These cameras are considered the best inexpensive outdoor security camera. The video quality of these cameras is excellent. It can cover the long-distance stretch, and it is perfect for outdoor use. Bullet cameras are weatherproof as well.

3. C-Mount Camera

These cameras offer a significant amount of modifications, and you can upgrade as the available technology advances. The lenses are changeable, and the parts like a processor, and recording technologies can also be improved. The camera unit is big and considered a useful crime deterrent.

4. Day And Night Vision Camera

These pipe-shaped security cameras provide sound output in terms of image and video quality in low-light conditions. The technology of these cameras is not IR based and can record in both modes , black and white, and colored. This feature makes this camera type the best optimized for outdoor use. The chips and processors that are used on these cameras offer high-quality output.

5. Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

This category of security cameras offers functionality that can be hugely beneficial to properties and businesses. These camera units provide software-based advancements such as panning movement of the camera. It can move the actual lens from left to right and vice-versa. And also, tilt the lens in up and down direction. You can also optically zoom without losing the quality.

6. Discreet Camera

The installation of these cameras is done in a manner that they are not visible to the masses. It provides an edge to the owners to quietly keep an eye on their property. As they are put more in a caged and isolated housing that doesn’t attract much attention, these cameras carry a lower risk of getting tampered by the criminals.

Which One Should You Get?

Just installing a security camera doesn’t serve the purpose well. You should have a security camera which suits your space and fits perfectly with your requirements. You should look for many factors to get the right camera. Some factors to look after before buying one are:

1. Place Of Installation

It is a significant factor that everyone needs to understand. You should select the camera according to the area. The camera unit matters a lot when it comes to outdoor installation. If you require to place a camera outside, it must be weatherproof.

2. Light Condition

The amount of light is going to play a lot in deciding on the camera unit. The lighting doesn’t mean that all the cameras will perform well in daylight. You must check the glare and if there are any reflections and buy accordingly.

3. Need For Audio

You should also consider if you need the audio from the feed, as well. There are camera units that allow the users to access the video as well as audio. You need sound in gated communities, where the owner can talk to the person at the gate and decide whether to permit the entry or not.

4. Image Resolution

The camera should be of higher resolution if the coverage area is enormous. The image that will be saved needs to be very clear, and to achieve that, higher megapixels are required. If the coverage area is a room or a small hall, there is no need for a very high resolution.

Best Budget Security Camera System: What to Look for?

There are some more aspects that one needs to cover to get a camera. These specs or points are crucial, and this can judge the quality of the camera. These days a plethora of cameras are available under the category of the best budget home security camera.

1. Cloud Access

Security cameras are installed so that a person can monitor his/her property. The modern security cameras provide the feature of saving the footage overcloud. This feature allows the owner to access the footage from anywhere in the world.

If the camera is installed in an office, the old method is more suitable. The footage should be kept away from the network as much as possible.

2. Cover Area

If you want to cover extended areas, then you should get a camera with higher resolution with a zooming option. You should not buy a camera with digital zoom, as it deteriorates the quality on full zoom, the output may not be usable at all.

If night surveillance is also needed, cameras that support night vision should be installed. The infrared light emitted from these cameras are invisible to the naked human eye. Cameras can see clearly under these lights.

3. Right Lens

If you are opting for a c-mount lens, then you have the feasibility of choosing the appropriate lens according to the needs. The lens plays a vital role in providing the image and video output from the camera.

4. Right Sensor

If you are installing the camera to monitor faces and number plates, then the camera should be equipped with CCD tech. It is a technology that produces better results with excellent picture quality.

Top 10 Best Budget Security Camera Systems in 2020

1. Zosi Home Security Bullet Camera

Zosi Best Budget Security Camera SystemThe camera comes with an 8-channel video and offers recording up to 720p. The camera system comes with one SATA port and provides upgradable storage up to 6 GB. This camera system is one of the best budget WiFi security camera systems that also support an RJ-45 Ethernet port.


  • The camera supports recording up to 720p.
  • The camera supports night vision up to 85 feet.
  • 24 LED lights can help in capturing the excellent footage under low light or at night.
  • The feed can be accessed and monitored through a web portal as well as a mobile app. 10 maximum users can access the feed.
  • The aluminum housing of the camera gives it a robust and sturdy look.
  • The bullet design of the camera is very minimal and provides very clean housing.
  • The camera is also weatherproof.


  • The Ethernet connectivity gives this camera a massive edge of accessing the feed from literally anywhere.
  • The motion sensor allows users to get instant alerts in case the camera detects any motion.
  • The package comes with four camera units that provide you with a clean setup and the option to install them at every spot in your home.
  • The cable provided through which the camera will be connected to the hub is 60-feet long.


  • The camera comes with CMOS technology, and it would have been better if it came equipped with CCD.
  • The camera software is full of glitches and randomly stops working.
  • The overall quality of the camera isn’t excellent.
  • This camera is an excellent option at an affordable price. The whole point of a security camera is that is should work seamlessly.


2. Annke 8CH H.264+ Security System

Annke 8CH H.264+ Security SystemThis security camera from Annke is a set of 4 bullet cameras providing you with an output resolution of 1080p. The camera also supports good night vision and comes with a 1TB hard drive packaged in the box. The camera is not the wireless type, and the cables to connect all the four units are provided inside the box. This security can be used both outdoors as well as indoors. As the camera provides you with a higher resolution, it is also an excellent option to install outdoors.


  • The camera gives the output of 1080p, and the H.264+ technology allows you to store recordings up to 50 days in the provided 1TB HDD.
  • The feed can be accessed through a web portal and also a mobile app. The portal is straightforward to understand.
  • The package comes bundled with a USB mouse as well, to use the system easily just by connecting it to a monitor.
  • The motion detection feature is also available and works flawlessly.
  • This security camera system can also be considered as the best cheap home security camera as it is weather-proof, and the build quality is up to the mark.
  • Annke also provides a 2-year warranty on the camera system.
  • The night vision of the camera is competent and provides a field of view up to 100 feet.
  • A detailed user manual is also provided inside the box to clear all the confusion while installing and setting up.


  • The 1080p video output is obvious and provides an excellent resolution.
  • The IP66 weatherproof rating makes it the best outdoor option in the budget category.
  • The camera system comes with four units and provides the right coverage area around your home.
  • The camera can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.
  • The security system sends you alerts on email as well as mobile immediately in case the camera detects any motion.
  • Annke also provides a customer helpline to call in case any help is needed.


  • The night vision is not at all as good as the company claims.
  • The nuts and screws are so tiny and rare that if you lose one, it’s next to impossible to find a replacement.
  • The provided cables that help the camera units to connect are also not of good quality.
  • The security system is the right choice if it is going to be used indoors. These cameras will fail you to provide acceptable quality at night.


3. Xvim 8CH Video Security Camera

Xvim 8CH Video Security CameraThe dome camera setup from XVIM can be a perfect option for personal needs. The camera system provides an output of 720p, and it is more than enough for indoor monitoring. The package comes with four cameras bundled in the box. However, it provides the option to expand the camera units according to your needs. You can add 1080p cameras also.


  • This security camera takes the eight-channel video input.
  • An IP66 weatherproof rating is also provided with this camera.
  • The camera comes packaged with a 1TB hard drive that is enough for you to keep great footages and also record continuously for at least one month.
  • The security system provides alerts through email and app push notifications in case it detects any motion after the set duration.
  • This security camera provides an option via its optimized software to let you set the alert after a specified time of motion.
  • The provided warranty for the product is also outstanding. It gives two years of warranty, two months of replacement along with 30 days money back policy.
  • The camera supports 85-feet of night vision.
  • The provided camera units sport a 3.5mm wide-angle lens that can give an entire field of view.


  • The setup and installation is effortless, and you can make these camera units start working very smoothly.
  • The biggest pro of this camera setup is its affordability, and the features in this price range are just phenomenal.
  • The camera provides good night vision, and it is one of the best budget security camera systems that you can get for your use.
  • There are also options to change the default language and set it to the one you like.
  • The provided 1TB hard disk is more than enough to offer you an ample amount of space to save the essential footages for any further use.
  • The option to watch the feed from anywhere around the world through the app is also very convenient and very practical.


  • The quality of the overall output can be much better.
  • After using for about 6-7 months, the quality and usability of the camera system may deteriorate to a very extent.
  • You could feel the lack of a detailed user guide or a manual if you are installing the camera for the first time

This camera is perfect and in the budget.



4. HeimVision HM241 WiFi Camera System

HeimVision HM241 WiFi Camera SystemThis camera security system is a wireless type and provides you with an output of 960p. The system consists of 4 camera units, and the installation process is much more comfortable. The package does not include a hard drive, and you have to make an extra expense for that. HeimVision claims that these cameras can easily be the best choice for your outdoor needs.


  • The camera security system supports hard drives up to 6 TB.
  • The camera sensor provided on these cameras is of 1.3 MP.
  • The camera system sends you instant alerts on both the email and the phone if you have installed the app. It is recommended to install the app to extract its full potential.
  • An IP66 rating is also awarded to the camera units that make it weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use.
  • The alert that the camera will send will be convenient as a snapshot of the object or person that triggered the motion sensor will be attached.
  • The housing of the camera is very sturdy, and the mounts provide it with an excellent grip.
  • The camera also alerts you immediately in case anyone tries to tamper or damage it.
  • The wireless connectivity enables the users to place the cameras anywhere. The only condition is that the WiFi signals are reaching it properly.


  • The biggest pro of this camera system is its wireless connectivity.
  • Though the package comes bundled with four cameras, the software and the hub allows you to expand the number up to 8.
  • The IR lights that are used by the camera system provides a good night vision, and the output is very bright.
  • The compact size of the camera units doesn’t expose it a lot and blends well with the wall.
  • The remote access is also very stable and provides continuous video playback.


  • It would have been better if HeimVision has included a hard drive in the box.
  • The app doesn’t let you record continuously. It only records until the screen is on. As soon as you lock the screen, the recording will also stop.
  • If you want to read something like a number plate of the car that is 20-feet away, it might be a bit difficult even in the daytime

This camera security system offers you a great set of features. This product has the potential of keeping you safe and provides peace of mind.



5. Annke Surveillance Camera System

Annke Surveillance Camera SystemThe 100-feet night vision claimed by ANNKE would be an exciting aspect to put to the test. The camera system supports full HD video recording that will provide good output also if placed outdoors. The company also offers a 1TB hard drive in the box.


  • The camera comes in bullet shapes and can be mounted on walls or ceilings.
  • The technology used in the camera system supports a longer recording duration than lower-priced ones.
  • The security system also sends you an alert through push notifications and email by adding the snapshot of the movement.
  • The bullet-style housing of the camera provides a good grip and elegant look to the camera.
  • You can also clear the areas on the feed from where you can block the motion detection.
  • The company provides a 2-year warranty and also a 24*7 customer support.


  • The H.265+ compression helps the camera system to record for a more extended period.
  • An IP66 rating provides an excellent weather-proof feature and makes it suitable for outdoor usage.
  • The installation and setup of this best budget security camera system are effortless.
  • The build quality of the hub is also outstanding and provides excellent image and video processing.


  • The claim of perfect night vision by the company is bogus and is nowhere near the claimed quality.
  • The playback feature is limited to a maximum of 2 screens at a time.

After considering the pros and cons, this security camera system can be a perfect buy for those who want to enhance the security of their home or small business.



6. Hiseeu 5MP 8CH H.265+ Camera System

Hiseeu 5MP 8CH H.265+ Camera SystemThis security system offered by Hiseeu comes bundled with four camera units and allows you to add four extra to cover more area. The camera system is one of the best cheap security camera systems because of the overall build and housing quality of the camera unit.


  • The camera security system comes with a 1TB hard disk included in the box.
  • The video input is done through 8 channels, and the output resolution is 2592×1944.
  • The hard disk provided will be more than enough to record the video for up to 30 days.
  • The motion detection is also customizable, and the alert system is instant. The system sends a notification without any delay.
  • The metal housing and compact design of this camera security system give it an elegant look along with sturdy build quality.
  • The system also comes with a remote from where you can navigate through all the camera units placed on different angles.


  • The camera units come with weather-proof ratings and provide bright output for the pictures and videos.
  • The compression technology that is used by the company in this camera unit is the latest one and called H.265.
  • The detailed user manual is also provided inside the box and helps the beginners to install it correctly without seeking any professional help.
  • The bullet design makes the camera look much more compact, and the black color looks even better.
  • You can access the live footage from anywhere in the world via the web portal the provided app.


  • The night vision provided in this camera system is not up to the mark and gives reduced output.
  • After a couple of months, the camera system may start acting up, like errors in the hard drive and just not recording at all.

This camera system is one that can be used by the homeowners or those running small businesses. It is recommended to also invest in some good hard drives so that you can get a better overall experience.



7. Sannce POE Security Camera System

Sannce POE Security Camera SystemThe camera is wireless and offers an excellent quality output, especially in terms of video. A single cable is needed to power the camera, along with providing the power supply. This camera can benefit you in many ways; you can install them anywhere as these are PoE cameras. PoE means Power over Ethernet and doesn’t need a separate power supply.


  • The Ethernet cable will make sure the transmission is safe and secure, along with maintaining stability.
  • The output resolution of this best budget security camera system is full HD and provides clear images.
  • The feed can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the help of the web interface or the mobile app that is available on all platforms.
  • The camera lens provides a 70-degree view.
  • The metal housing of this camera system makes it more secure, and the chances of vandalization and tampering become much lower.
  • The company also claims a clear night vision of 100-feet and a warranty of 2 years.


  • The package that bundles 1080p video recording and a 1TB hard drive included makes this camera system a good deal.
  • The weatherproofing is also done right, and the camera is fully secured and can be considered to be installed outside.
  • Four units come included in the standard package. However, you have the option to add more camera units.
  • The setup is also straightforward, and there will be no need for professional help if the person is even a bit tech-savvy.
  • It is an excellent investment if you are a working person and want to keep an eye on your home.


  • The company claims that the camera is equipped with PoE, but actually, it’s XPOE. It works like any other camera and a separate cable for each camera unit.
  • The motion detection also doesn’t work very well and misses most of the time.
  • This camera system is the one that is most suitable for the ones who want to monitor the personal property. The camera is usually the best for monitoring purposes in the daytime.


8. Xvim 8CH 1080P Security Camera

Xvim 8CH 1080P Security CameraThe camera provides you with different modes to start recording. Modes like auto, manual, and motion detection are present on the camera. The camera comes with a 2 MP sensor and gives the recording resolution of 1080p. Some features with pros and cons are mentioned below.


  • The camera system comes with a set of 4 cameras and sports an IP66 rating.
  • The metal housing of the camera is very sturdy and provides good overall build quality.
  • The 1080p output is sufficient for the outdoor installation.
  • The infrared light helps the camera a lot in providing sound video output at night.
  • XVIM provides a warranty of 2 years, and there is also an option of money back within 90 days.
  • The remote playback is also much better and provides good stable feed.


  • The camera provides good metal housing and overall sturdy build quality to enhance the sustainability of the camera.
  • The included 1TB hard drive makes it one of the best budget security camera systems available in the market right now.
  • The night vision is excellent.
  • The cables are long enough to extend the camera units much further from DVR.


  • The interface is useful for navigation but isn’t user-friendly at all.
  • The app is a bit glitchy and seems outdated.
  • The user manual is not very detailed, and beginners may find it very difficult to install all by themselves.
  • This security camera system serves the purpose of being a security tool. The recording is a bit glitchy but it is a rarity when the camera fails to record.


9. Ring Spotlight Cam Security Camera

Ring Spotlight Cam Security CameraThere are many times when you need a camera at the gate. This spotlight camera can be a perfect option to consider to install on the entrance so that you don’t have to get outside every time someone knocks.


  • The camera system offers 1080p video playback. The same resolution is also available live.
  • The camera also supports motion detection.
  • The audio can transmit from both ways, so you can talk to the visitor as well.
  • There is also an alarm system that you can activate if you are seeing anyone doing any suspicious activity.
  • There are also many power options that you can use to power the camera, including the solar panels.


  • The motion sensors on this camera are also customizable. You can set the distance of motion detection.
  • You can pair this camera with virtual assistants like Alexa. The interaction with the visitor is much more comfortable with the help of these assistants.


  • If you are using it on battery, the life of the battery is way lower than advertised.
  • There are many times that the camera doesn’t record anything, even when trucks or cars make a stop.
  • This is an amazing product.


10. CasaCam VS802 Wireless Security Camera

CasaCam VS802 Wireless Security CameraIt is the only camera in the segment that comes with a monitor. The cameras are some of the best affordable outdoor security cameras, and the package includes two camera units.


  • The camera also features two-way audio that is very rare in this price segment.
  • Along with the DVR, CasaCam also provides a 7” monitor included in the package. The setup is a two-in-one type.
  • You can record video up to 1080p and also offers excellent night vision.
  • If you don’t want to access remotely, there is absolutely no need for a router.


  • The pricing of the package is the biggest pro.
  • The weatherproofing makes this camera system suitable for outdoor use as well.
  • The camera also has a great night vision, thanks to the IR lights.


  • The motion detection could be improved.
  • The playback can also be glitches sometimes.
  • If you are not much affected by the cons, this product from CasaCam can be a perfect option for you.


he need for a good quality camera that provides reliability to ensure your safety is increasing rapidly. The security cameras mentioned above will serve the purpose just fine. That’s why they are included in the list of the best budget security camera systems.

Delinquents are finding new techniques and methods to break into our homes, and these cameras help us in gaining substantial evidence in proving them guilty in a court of law.

Before you go online to make a purchase, it is recommended that you should first get to know very clearly what type of camera you need. For example, if you are going to install a camera on the gate, you should not go for a bullet camera just for its sake.

You should opt for a dual-way audio camera so that you can also talk to the visitor in real-time. So, you have to buy what you desire in your budget. As you have already gone through the list of the best cameras, then tap on the best one that is satisfying your requirements.

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