Best Apartment Security Systems 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Ring Doorbell 2 2. Canary Flex 3. Blink XT2

Nowadays, people across the globe are surrounded with many crimes. It is unsafe to live anywhere. It is a must to install security camera systems whether you live in a bungalow or an apartment to protect yourself. In many places, there is a vast population, and people live in apartments. There are many apartments in a building. There are high chances of stealing. Therefore, you should be cautious enough by getting the best apartment security system at your place.

These security systems help you in monitoring every activity near your apartment. You can see who is entering and going out of your home. In the coming years, new high-tech buildings will have apartments with excellent security systems. People have smart gadgets and technologies to protect their smart apartments from strangers.


There are different types of security systems that help in taking care of your complete home from every edge. You can have cameras, alarms, smart locks, doorbells, sensors, and many more technologies at your entrance. Now, you can control these security systems by your smartphone. You must consider some details about the products before buying them. You are landed on the right platform where you will get all the information about the types of the best security system for apartment.

These security systems come at a high price, and you cannot buy it again and again. Therefore, you need to make the right choice after going through complete information.

Features Need To Consider Before Buying Best Apartment Security System

1. Control Panel

There are some wireless control panels that you can install easily. These devices are flexible enough that it is suitable for your lifestyle as well as powerful too. You can use the control panel to monitor, access, and control your apartment security systems easily. Some of the top quality panels come with features like wide-window viewing, panic buttons, touchscreen technology, etc.

2. Wireless/Wired

Wired security systems are difficult to handle. You can choose a wireless setup, so there will be no hassle in handling those wires. These systems have an easy setup process, and you can execute plenty of minutes. On the other hand, You need professional installation for wired security systems, which includes wall drilling, splicing the circuitry, etc. That is why people mostly prefer wireless ones.

3. Notifications On Your Mobile

You can tap into the security system anytime from any place. This feature is specifically for busy people who don’t have much time to stay in their homes for a long time. If there is any security issue, you will get a mobile alert or notification on your smartphone. You can access, monitor, and control your system via mobile application.

4. Remote Control

People nowadays look for convenience and flexibility. The best security systems provide remote control options. It is a small-sized device that can be fit in your pocket or purse. It helps in controlling the system from a distance. You can control arm and disarm the system, use the panic feature to call for help or any security devices.

5. Sensors To Detect Glass Break

Burglars can access their targeted apartments in any way. The Glass Break Sensors work great. You can keep them near sound-sensitive devices like windows, etc. It will listen to the sound frequency when any glass breaks. After detecting the sound, you will hear the alarm sound. These sensors are suitable for complete security.

6. Entryway Sensors

These devices are suitable for the first-floor apartment. You can mount these magnetic sensors on the door frames and windows. Whenever the two magnets get separate, you will hear an alarm sound. Some systems provide the facility to send mobile alerts instantly.

7. Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors can be placed around your apartment to save you from intruders. When these infrared devices sense any motion, you will hear the sound of the alarm. It can distinguish people and pets. Some sensors can have facial recognition technology.

8. 24*7 Professional Monitoring

Some people want the self-monitoring security system. They need 24/7 professional monitoring with expert emergency responders in their place. You will get the notification when the system triggers a security breach.

9. Expandable

This feature helps you in expanding security and automation, depending on your preference. You can add security cameras, garage door openers, smart lighting, etc.

Top 15 Best Apartment Security Systems 2020 Reviews

1. Ring Video Doorbell 2 Security System

Ring Best Apartment Security SystemThis security system is a slim and silver rectangle device with a black camera. Here, you can check out more exciting features.


Video: The quality of the video in this device is impressive, but you can’t zoom. It provides a 1080p HD video display as per industry standard with a wide-field view of 160 degrees.

Audio: This doorbell camera comes with two-way audio, which allows a user to speak to the visitor at your door. It is an easy way to greet the visitors, guide delivery boys, etc.

Storage: You need to pay a monthly subscription plan to get cloud or local storage, which can be either Ring Protect Plus or Ring Protect Basic. You will get 60 days of cloud storage in both cases. You can also download the footage easily.

Integration of Smart Platform: This doorbell is combined with Amazon Alexa. You can ask Alexa to show the door of your home by the camera on your Fire TV. The echo device allows you to see and speak to the visitors. It happens when the doorbell is pushed or if there is any motion detected.

Ring-always Home Application: If you are far from the echo device or your house, you can control and monitor this doorbell by using the Ring Always Home application.


  • The design of this device is quite impressive.
  • This doorbell is weatherproof and can be operated between 5 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The video quality of this device is fantastic i.e., 1080p HD.
  • It is easy to install the device, whether it is hardwired or battery-operated.
  • This device is integrated with Alexa by Amazon.


  • You cannot zoom the camera.
  • There are no AI features like person detection, etc.


2. Canary Flex Indoor-Outdoor HD Security Camera

Canary Flex Indoor-Outdoor HD Security CameraIt is a capsule shape camera available in both black and white colors. The design is great overall, and given below are more features of it.


Camera Video: The camera provides a quality of 720p. The device offers a field of 30 degrees vision, which is quite narrow. The camera comes with a digital zoom feature with excellent picture quality.

Two-way Audio: The Flex audio is apparent. The audio feature can be used if you purchase Canary membership. The audio works great, despite the extra cost.

Camera Night Vision: The night vision on the Flex camera is fantastic. The Flex has few infrared LED lights. The automatic night vision feature can save your time to switch on and off manually. An excellent outdoor night vision is difficult to find.

Camera Storage: You can get local storage options when you pay for the membership. The camera also provides clip storage for 24 hours and unlimited live streaming. The data is in encrypted form saved in the cloud. You can also apply for Cloud storage by having membership plans.

Integration of Smart Platform: This camera is combined with both Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant. It provides an option to choose the preferred platform. You can easily monitor devices by using the internet.

Artificial Intelligence Features: The Canary Flex camera has both people as well as package detection. Person detection is a standard option in most of the security cameras, but package detection is rare. Person detection means when a person comes in the line of vision of the camera. On the other hand, facial recognition helps in knowing the person.

Mobile App: The mobile app of the camera is very user-friendly. You can use the Canary Flex app to control the alarm by your smartphone that may scare intruders. You can access the 2-way audio by using the app.


  • It is a compact and weatherproof camera by Flex with great design.
  • The application to manage the functions works well.


  • The battery life is inconsistent.


3. Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

Blink XT2 Outdoor Indoor Smart Security CameraBlink Camera is one of the best apartment security systems with a black square face and rounded edges. Go through some exciting features of this product.


Video: Blink XT2 has 1080p HD industry-standard video quality. It provides a clear vision with a bit narrow field of view at 110 degrees.

Night Vision: The Blink XT2 comes with a clear night vision by using infrared LED lights.

Audio Quality: The two-way audio in this device allows you to speak to the visitors, which can also be recorded by using the Blink Home app.

Storage: Blink XT2 provides free cloud storage. You can save the footage for a year. You can also download the footage from the cloud to keep in your local storage. But, it has a limited recording for 7200 seconds or 2 hours.

Integration of Smart Platform: The device is integrated with Amazon Alexa, which allows you to give voice commands. You can fit the camera with Google, Apple, or Microsoft ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence: This is the most advanced security camera that can detect motion. You will get notifications when the camera detects any movement. There is no feature of person detection or facial recognition.

Convenience: The sync module starts the installation process by plugging the module and connect it to the WiFi by using the Blink Home app. After that, put two AA batteries in the camera and sync the module.

Temperature Sensor: This device has a built-in temperature-sensing feature. It can give accurate temperature reading.

Activity Zones: Blink camera knows areas to focus and to ignore. It is a useful outdoor camera. For example, you want the camera should focus only on the property and not the street.

Blink Home App: This application by the company can manage and control the function of the camera from anywhere. The device and the app must be connected to the WiFi.


  • The monthly fee or premium home security plan is low.
  • The device is integrated with Amazon Alexa to manage with voice commands.
  • This hardware requires less maintenance.
  • You can install the device easily.


  • There is a requirement of technical knowledge for integration with home automation services.


4. Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

Amazon Cloud Cam Security CameraThe Cloud Cam by Amazon comes in black color with a round base, a circular camera, and a skinny bridge to connect the two parts. Know more about its features.


Video Quality: They camera provides an industry-standard of 1080p HD video quality, which can be zoomed with an 8x field of view of 120 degrees.

Audio Quality: There is a feature of two-way audio to connect and communicate with the visitors virtually.

Night Vision: The camera supports an excellent infrared night vision. The Cloud Cam by Amazon has eight infrared LED sensors.

Storage: There is no local storage option. The cloud storage is available for 24 hours for free. You can buy cloud storage for 30 days.

Integration of Smart Platform: The Camera is only integrated with the Amazon ecosystem. There is no integration with Google Assistant, Fire TV, etc.

Artificial Intelligence: On a paid level, the camera has only a person detection feature.

Amazon Cloud App: The application is beneficial as you can get Livestream footage. You can turn on and off motion detectors, control the frequency of notifications, and flip the video if the camera goes in hang mode.


  • This device is quite cheaper than other security cameras.
  • This camera is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices.
  • It can store recorded clips for up to 24 hours without any subscription plan.
  • It provides 1080p full HD and night vision video quality.


  • You need to subscribe to advanced features such as person detection and setting zones.


5. YI Indoor Security Surveillance System

YI Indoor Security Surveillance SystemThe lens of the camera is about 114-millimeters tall and 32-millimeters wide with its white base. YI also comes in black color with an adjustable base. You can tilt it in the forward and backward direction. There are many other exciting features of this product.


Setup: The setup of this device is an easy task. It takes five minutes to start Livestream.
Download the YI Home App and connect your phone with WiFi. Show the camera at the QR code on the app. The app will guide the entire process.

Video Quality: It has a fantastic video quality of 1080p HD. You can also zoom the camera four times through your app with 112 degrees viewing angle.

Night Vision: The device provides a fantastic night mode. In the night time or when the lights are switched off, the video clarity remains the same.

Audio Quality: You can easily communicate with visitors. You need your phone and WiFi connection to start the app. You can increase the volume and hear who is outside the door.

Storage: The cloud storage in this device is not available for free. The prices for the storage for 7, 15, or 30 days are also expensive. There is a slot for a 32 GB micro-SD card in the camera to store the footage.

Detection of Baby Cry: It is the best device for surveilling newborns in the house. The camera can sense the crying sound from 16-feet.

Mobile App: You can download the YI Home App to navigate the functions of the camera. There are various options for the cameras, alerts, cloud storage, and profile buttons.


  • The setup and installation process is straightforward.
  • The video quality is in HD, and it is apparent.
  • It records automatically and sends notifications when required.


  • The device is limited to the AC power source.
  • There is no cloud storage available to save the footage.


6. Ring Alarm 5 Home Security System

Ring Alarm 5 Home Security SystemRing Alarm Security system includes five components a base station, contact sensor, keypad, range extender, and motion sensor. Go through its mesmerizing features.


Basestation: This device is used to connect all the components of the system, home network, and third-party widgets. There is a built-in battery that can last for up to 24 hours. The base station has 110 dB siren.

Keypad: You can arm or disarm the security system by the keypad. There are three different security modes. “Disarmed” for deactivating sensors, “Away” to enable all sensors, and the “Home” to switch the sensors on and off.

Contact Sensor: These sensors help in knowing whether the doors or windows are opened or closed. You will be notified when someone comes around the sensors.

Motion Detector: The motion detector is combined with the base station. It helps in detecting the motion.

Range Extender: This device is helpful in big apartments. The Range Extender device helps the Base Station to connect with all the elements of the system. It has a 24-hour backup battery.

Stick-up Cam Wired: This camera is both indoor as well as outdoor. Like micro USB or ethernet cord, you can plug in the camera.

Video Quality: The camera quality is set with the industry-standard of 1080p HD and 150 degrees field of view. But, you cannot zoom the camera.

Night Vision: This security system has an excellent infrared night vision.

Audio: This camera has a two-way audio option that helps in communicating with the person in the room to whom the camera is recording.

Storage: You can get local or cloud storage by paying for the subscription plans. You can download the footage and save it in your local storage.

Integration of Smart Platform: The camera is integrated with Alexa that helps in arming or disarming the camera.


  • There is no need for professional installation.
  • You can add cameras to watch your neighborhood activities by using the app.
  • This device is compatible with Alexa and Z-Wave devices.


  • Cameras and two-way audio do not come in the base package.


7. Canary All-In-One Security Surveillance System

Canary All-In-One Security Surveillance SystemAll-In-One comes with the glossy finish of the base, lens, and camera. There is a light indicator, microphone, speakers, LED light, ethernet cables, and micro-USB. Let’s see its more features.


Video: It supports industry-standard and provides video quality of 1080p with a 147-degree field view. It can zoom up to three times.

Night Vision: The camera has 12 infrared LED lights that help in providing a good view in the night time.

Quality of Audio: The Canary camera is the best security camera for apartment. It provides a two-way audio option to interact with the visitors outside your door. But, it is not with the camera. You can purchase it with a monthly subscription package.

Storage: You will get one day of cloud storage free. But, if you purchase a membership plan, then you will receive free cloud storage for 30 days. You can download the videos through the Canary application directly.

Integration of Smart Platform: Canary All-In-One is integrated with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant.

Artificial Intelligence: This camera has a feature of person detection through which you can differentiate between the people and other moving objects.

Convenience: Canary device is easy to install. You can download the Canary app and follow the instructions step-by-step to set the All-In-One device. The entire process will take 15 minutes.


  • This device is easy to install as it takes only 15 mines for setting up.
  • The arming and disarming of the security system are specially designed using Artificial
  • Intelligence techniques.


  • There are no window and door sensors.


8. Victure Indoor Wireless Security Camera

Victure Indoor Wireless Security CameraVicture WiFi Camera is specially designed as a security camera, a pet cam, and a baby monitor. There are many attractive features of this security camera.


Camera: The device provides an excellent video quality of 1080p. This camera can easily zoom the entire area with its fantastic camera’s lens.

Two-way Speaker: This security system is equipped with a two-way speaker system that is designed with anti-noise technology. It reduces the interference to get clear audio of your pets and people in the apartment.

Movement Detection: The camera can detect movements. For example, if your dog is moving nearby creating any mess, then the camera will give you alerts.

Night Vision: The camera has super night vision IR LED technology. You can see up to 30 feet away in the darkness. You can continue by monitoring the activities near your apartment anytime.

Ease of Use: It is easy to install the device. You will get a stable connection under 2.4G WiFi. This device does not support 5G.

Design and Size: Victure WiFi Camera is designed with a unique design. It is a small device with dimensions of 11.5 x 9.3 x 11.5 cm.


  • This device comes in a great design, which is easy to install.
  • It provides a great night vision, which is visible up to 30 feet.


  • This device can easily detect the audio.


9. Heimvision HM203 1080P Security Camera

Heimvision HM203 1080P Security CameraThe HM203 comes in 3.2 x 3 x 4.6 dimensions with a cylindrical base and a circular head. Check out more exciting features.


WiFi camera: You can connect the camera by mobile application YCC365 Plus with 2.4GHz WiFi. Hotspot or LAN connections also support this security system. You can also customize the settings using the app, which includes camera sharing, image rollover, auto-tracking, preset, and motion detection.

Sound and Motion Detection: This camera can detect sounds and movements, record the footage, and send notifications on your phone.

Twenty-four hours Live Video Stream: You can watch live videos on your mobile for 24 hours. You need to install the app, stay connected, and then you can use your smartphone to manage this camera and its settings.

Camera: The camera provides 1080 p video quality with a 110-degree wide-angle lens. You can control the camera by panning, tilting, and zooming with a 360-degree view.

Night Vision: In the night time, the camera can easily record the activities in the dark. This camera automatically switches the night vision mode on and off and has a range of 49 feet.

Two-way Audio: The camera comes with a speaker and a microphone. It allows you to talk and listen. It can also monitor the activities of your kid.

Cloud Storage: This security camera offers a free one-month AWS cloud storage for 72 hours of recording. There is no risk of misplacing the footage from a device like a memory card. It supports local backup with a 128 GB microSD card.


  • The camera can create footage in various modes.
  • It can detect both motions as well as sound.
  • The video quality of the camera is excellent and provides a clear view.


  • This camera cannot detect faces.
  • The camera starts capturing the footage with 15 frames per second.


10. Faleemi Wireless Security Camera

Faleemi Wireless Security CameraIt is one of the best apartment security systems. It can be quickly installed with the Faleemi app in ios or android devices. Check out some more unusual features of this product.


Superb Video Quality: This camera provides 720P HD video quality at 30 frames per second.

Storage: You can record the footage all the time. You can save the recordings in a local Micro SD Card with a maximum of 128GB of storage.

Setup by 3-Step QR Code: You can install this device by following the guidelines of the Faleemi app on iPhone or Android smartphones. There is a Smartlink Technology to setup WiFi quickly.

Camera: The camera of the security system has a wide viewing angle that can pan, tilt the camera with 270 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically.

Night Vision: This camera has Infrared light LEDs which can monitor the nearby activities for 24 Hours. It can cover the range of 16 feet in the night.

Two-way Audio: This security system helps to communicate with strangers. There are motion Alerts and detectors, email alerts, mobile notifications to provide you information for every second.

Warranty: This camera comes with a 1-year of the warranty period. You can return the camera within 30 days Directly from Faleemi.


  • The product’s amazing camera quality allows you to see and monitor everything.
  • You can monitor all the activities done in 24 hours.
  • The product comes with a full 1-year warranty period.


  • The device is too heavy to use.


11. Arlo Ultra-4K UHD Security Camera System

Arlo Ultra-4K UHD Security Camera SystemIt is a simple-to-install wireless camera with Ultra HD recording. It is one of the best security camera for apartment with great features.


Installation: This wireless camera is easy to install and can be attached to the wall by magnetic mount in a single screw. Place the base station along with your router, because it should be connected via Ethernet.

Detection: The Cloud activity zones help in providing alerts. You need to place the camera in a proper way to maintain the life of the battery. The camera will give alerts when it sees people, animals, vehicles, and all other movements.

Image quality: The camera has a good image quality with Ultra 4K sensors. You can also save the low quality of full HD footage in the cloud. It has 180 degrees diagonal field view. You can auto-focus the moving objects with great clarity.

Wire-Free and Weather Resistant: This device is designed in such a way that it is integrated with Alexa. It comes with one year of premier service for 30 days of cloud recordings.
Advanced Night Vision: It provided colored night vision that helps in watching the activities nearby in color, which is a great feature. Many security systems come with black and white vision.


  • The ultra 4K footage is crystal-clear with a wide-angle lens.
  • There is a free cloud storage service available on this device.
  • In the night, you can monitor the outside activities in the color picture.


  • It is an expensive camera.


12. Sens8 Home Security Camera System

Sens8 Home Security Camera SystemThere are a variety of amazing features in this best apartment security system. Read the following write-up.


Installation: The installation of this security camera is straightforward and easy.

Cloud Storage: SENS8 Light Cam is connected with a Dropbox or Google Drive account. It automatically stores the recordings in the cloud. It provides 1 TB of storage space in Dropbox.

Geo-fencing: There are flexible arming/disarming settings. This camera has a geofencing feature with schedule-based arming.

Alarms: There is a built-in siren that is very loud and effective to scare intruders. The device can recognize visitors entering your home in your absence.

Light Schedule: The application of SENS8 helps in scheduling the LED flood flight of the motion detectors. You can turn on and off the lights automatically.

Home Automation Platforms: The camera supports Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

Heat And Humidity Monitor: The camera has heat and humidity sensors. It can detect heat (fire in the apartment) as well as humidity (floods). You will receive a notification on your smartphone, or you can hear the alarm.


  • There is a feature of Built-in Flood Light and Siren.
  • The video resolution is of 1080p HD, which is of high quality.
  • The motion detectors are customizable.
  • This device is integrated with Amazon Alexa and cloud storage.


  • The installation method needs a few efforts.


13. Blurams Dome Security Camera

Blurams Dome Security CameraThis is the best apartment security system with integrated multi-camera controlled by the Blurams app. It is equipped with smart instant alerts, notifications, motion, and sound detectors, and many more exciting features.


360° Monitoring: The camera comes with 118 degrees field view. It covers a range of 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. It provides a high video quality of 1080p resolution with excellent night vision.

Two-way Audio: This feature lets a user talk to the visitors. You can also voice commands to the people outside your apartment.

Smart Instant Alerts: This device can automatically record a 10 to 15 seconds alert video and save it to cloud by end-to-end encryption. There is no to subscribe or give monthly fees for cloud storage.

Motion Detection: You can get notifications on your phone whenever the camera detects the motion and sounds. You can select a specific zone to scan the selected area that you want to view.

Multi-Camera Viewing: There are 4 IP cameras that works simultaneously using the Blurams application. You can monitor different places at the same time. The camera works with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks only.

Integrated with Alexa: The camera is integrated with Alexa’s Assistant.


  • It covers a wide area and monitors every activity in its range.
  • The multi-camera is integrated with this security system.


  • The camera is integrated with only Alexa.


14. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security SystemThe SimpliSafe Security system comes with 19 components. Check out its features.


Base Station: The base station alerts the monitoring center, activating 95dB siren at the time of the break-in. The sound of the siren is quite loud.

Wireless Keypad: After activating of alarm, the keypad will keep on beeping to distract the intruders. The base station will alert the police and activate the siren.

Entry Sensors: These sensors can detect the presence of someone entering the apartment.

Motion Sensors: These sensors can detect any motion. The camera can sense any movement within 30 feet. The field of view of these sensors is only 90 degrees.

Glass-break Sensors: It can sense whenever the glass breaks. If anyone breaks the window, it will trigger the alarm.

Camera: SimpliSafe’s indoor camera can be purchased if you have paid to monitor. It provides WiFi and a power source.

Design: This security system is designed well in a black rectangular shape with a black curved base. You cannot pan or tilt the camera.

Video: The camera provides a video quality of 720p, which is below the industry standard. The field vision is 120 degrees, but there is no option to zoom.

Night Vision: This camera has an automated night vision with infrared LED lights to activate the night vision. It uses a bright white light to record every activity of the people visible in the camera in the night.

Storage: There is no local storage option, but you can purchase cloud storage for 30 days.

Panic Button: This button helps you in triggering the alarm and notify the monitoring team when required.

Key Fobs: These keys are used to arm and disarm the security system.

SimpliSafe Application: You can manage the operation of the security system by using the SimpliSafe application.


  • The monthly rates are meager.
  • It is easy to install the device within a few minutes.
  • All the equipment in this security system is wireless.
  • You can get the 60-Days Equipment Trial option in this camera.


  • There is no artificial intelligence technology equipped in this security system.


15. Abode Wireless Home Security System

Abode Wireless Home Security SystemThe Abode Essentials Starter Kit consists of Gateway, 1 Window Sensor, 1 Motion Sensor, and 1 Key Fob. We will discuss more this product with features.


Gateway: It helps in connecting all the wireless devices of a smart home. The sensors will interact with the gateway to provide alerts and notifications.

Window Sensor: This sensor comes in different sizes. You will get a notification whenever any door or window is opened or closed. These are wireless sensors with a battery life of four years.

Motion Sensor: If the system is in Away mode and a movement is sensed, then it will immediately notify you. It can detect motion in a range of 35 feet with a 110-degree view field. The battery life of these sensors is only five years.

Key Fob: You can use the key fob to arm and disarm your security system from anywhere.

Video: The abode Camera comes with an excellent video display of 1080p HD with a view field 152 degrees. But, it is unable to zoom the image.

Night Vision: This security system has a night vision mode with one infrared LED sensor.

Storage: There is a slot for a micro-SD card in the camera. You can store your records on the storage card. You can save 30-second clips in the cloud storage.

Vibration Glass-break Sensor: This sensor can detect the attempted glass breaks. This sensor is wireless, with battery life for up to four years. It can sense the sound in a 25 feet range with four sensitivity settings.

Keypad: You can arm or disarm the security system by the keypad. You can save up to 40 unique passcodes. It is easy to track the person who has armed and disabled the security system by the Abode app.

Smoke Alarm Monitor: The smoke detectors are used with a smoke alarm monitor to transform the smoke alarm into a connected device. This wireless device that works with the smoke detector has a battery life of six years. If the smoke detector switches off, the device will give you alert immediately.

Water Leak Sensor: The device can detect a water leak in laundry rooms, garages, basements, etc. If the device senses any wetness, it will provide notification in your phone immediately, activating 85 dB siren. The sensor comes with a battery life of ten years.

Installation: You can easily install the device with the help of instructions and settings in the company’s application.


  • The key fob can be controlled remotely.
  • The advances of add-on sensors increase its demand in the market.


  • There is no integration with Alexa and Google Assistant.

What’s your choice for The Best Apartment Security System?

In this write-up, you have read about all the best apartment security systems. After going through the complete write-up, it is time to make a wise decision to purchase the best security system for apartment.

These devices ensure the safety of your family and your home. Due to the increasing crime rate, it is essential to install the security systems in your home. As it comes to an expensive range, it is better to think entirely and buy a good one for yourself. Security is the biggest priority over other things.

It is indeed that it is a challenging job to choose the best one out of many good options. But, you can compare your requirements and get the perfect one for your apartment. This system will keep you safe from strangers, as well as, help in monitoring your kids inside the home. Now, the wait is over. Grab the opportunity and buy a fantastic security system for your family.

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